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gizmo grinch

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he passed away 10/7/12...he will be in all our dreams

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Requiescat in pace et in amore

File: 1350931418174857.png -(3.20 kB, 640x400)
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OK anons, i know you love them cats and that's why I decided to come here first before trying anything else.

The thing is that I have some asshole neighbors that love to feed some stray cats in my roof.

In my country houses are next to each other. There are not pretty gardens or front yards like in your country. Our roofs are mostly flat. There are no gable roofs here and no attics either.

The pic I post is a vague representation of my house's roof. There is some sort of shed in the front corner but it's just some metal frame with tiles on top.

I will continue in the next post...

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Like I was saying... my neighbors like those cats but they won't have them in their own house because they already have dogs.

That little shed is where the cats love to take their shits and pee all over it. I deduced from watching their behavior that they might carry toxo because they show much audacity when my chihuahuas are near.

>> No.2089  

The shed is close to my neighbor's wall (wall to the left) so they leave leftovers there for the cats to eat.

You might also take into account that poisoning animals is not a crime in my country (yet) but I just don't feel like doing it.
There are no organizations here that I could phone to that could come to my house and catch them and take them to some shelter.

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What do i do? Are there any chemicals that could drive them away?

Am I gonna have to poison some pussies?

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Take a look for litter box training or anti-spraying products. Once a cat marks a place, it take a special cleaner to get rid of the problem... the cats will come back unless it's cleaned. also place feline deterrents if needed.

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Thanks for your suggestion anon.

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File: 1333432038788116.jpg -(408.26 kB, 1440x810)
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his name: ちゃん子猫 or kitten-chan

kleenex box: on 2chan.net is common to post your cat with one.

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File: 1333432504707462.jpg -(443.78 kB, 1440x810)

his name: ちゃん阪本 or sakamoto-chan

name was stolen from the anime nichijou where two girls find a cat in a box that says sakamoto

File: 1333320078234217.jpg -(8.82 kB, 228x251)
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Hey /cats/!

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File: 1336848016208961.jpg -(39.68 kB, 500x375)


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hes thinking... wok r u lukin a?

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File: 1350519946446949.jpg -(96.03 kB, 728x920)

>>2083 Reminds me of chapter 28 of Little Busters 4koma :p

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File: 1350520026294147.jpg -(119.58 kB, 728x913)

File: 133301023177674.jpg -(66.22 kB, 480x640)
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I stare at my cousin's cat, sitting on the chair, and it stares at me. There is something misterious , something inscrutable in its eyes I can't tell, like it is keeping an unspeakable secret. I know I saw it before... but where?

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File: 133394071149022.jpg -(170.14 kB, 1226x631)

File: 1329295910510165.jpg -(299.14 kB, 629x527)
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Thread for cats in wearing costumes or whatever else we make them wear.

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