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File: 1329005362794638.jpg -(95.74 kB, 640x588)
98034 No.1670   [Reply]

can i be a pole cat on this board?

>> No.1671  

polecat kebabs

File: 1328870936282326.jpg -(72.09 kB, 603x423)
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File: 132848345358551.jpg -(49.81 kB, 720x960)
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File: 1328346841624761.jpg -(62.60 kB, 489x340)
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File: 1320330491651246.jpg -(188.30 kB, 640x480)
192823 No.1642   [Reply]

Plomillo. He was ran over by a drunk driver yesterday. The vet just caalled me. He has just died.
He was such a happy, active, lovely cat. Kind of weird sometimes, but funny to watch. RIP

>> No.1643  
File: 1320399739887112.jpg -(14.11 kB, 240x240)

RIP Plomillo

>> No.1644  

I bet your cat was a cool guy. RIP

>> No.1660  
File: 1326696229198035.jpg -(24.56 kB, 333x401)


>> No.1661  

Nya nya Plomillo, have a great time in cat heaven

>> No.1662  

Sorry to hear that, bro :(

>> No.1819  

I'm deeply sorry for your loss. I don't know if there is a kitty heaven, but if there is I'm sure he's up there taking it easy.

>> No.1825  

Aw, sad!

>> No.2046  

cats come and cats go
but one thing always remains

>> No.2048  

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

One of mine died of cancer in January. It still hurts to think about her. I had her fourteen years. I miss her.

File: 1319378585390122.jpg -(112.82 kB, 510x380)
115526 No.1638   [Reply]

On The Roof

File: 1319290550396727.jpg -(2.39 MB, 3264x2448)
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File: 1319130673895885.jpg -(66.61 kB, 461x561)
68209 No.1629   [Reply]

Too hungover to go buy catfood


File: 1318978824954874.jpg -(238.56 kB, 646x570)
244289 No.1628   [Reply]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-S6LitGL24 LOL!!

>> No.1645  

pinche gato huevon jajajajajajaja,

File: 1318529411692638.jpg -(58.80 kB, 382x539)
60215 No.1624   [Reply]

if you guys like cats, youll love my cat


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