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File: 1313389325872.jpg -(146.90 kB, 984x1400)
150422 No.66215  

Let fill this up, let the others

>> No.66216  

We filled up the fifth Diapers forum now for another one

>> No.66218  


>> No.66219  

? the other forum is still open

>> No.66428  


The contents of the last thread.

>> No.66430  

link to last thread?

>> No.66431  
File: 1313726162143.jpg -(198.05 kB, 684x900)

Deal with it, nerds B]

>> No.66450  

Here's Annie from League of Legends. Cute!

>> No.66451  
File: 1313760043694.jpg -(67.27 kB, 1280x627)

Here's Annie from League of Legends. Cute!

>> No.66494  
File: 1313834514555.jpg -(668.58 kB, 1200x900)
>> No.66525  
File: 1313870630339.jpg -(173.29 kB, 737x1071)
>> No.66534  
File: 1313885270388.png -(193.39 kB, 600x1270)

>>66494 Wrong topic.

>> No.66544  
File: 1313906480387.jpg -(428.08 kB, 1200x1850)

The second one is on topic.

>> No.66621  
File: 1314035813306.jpg -(77.32 kB, 1087x915)

source: http://hinepon.web.fc2.com/

>> No.66638  
>>No.66534 no the girl on the right is wearing a diaper. that is diaper fetish
>> No.66761  
File: 1314275008015.gif -(152.49 kB, 700x902)
>> No.66803  

I have the full diaper story of Sakura from CCS. I am trying to translate it with the help of a translator machine. If anyone could help me with the translation, I could send them the story and I will do the rest of the job.



>> No.66837  
File: 1314439598527.png -(209.21 kB, 968x938)

I'm usually not into "full grown" diaper girls but I just came across this pic and had to say to all the East coast peeps - Get ready for Hurricane Irene!

>> No.66850  


So...you're a pedophile?

>> No.66860  

So.. you're a troll?

>> No.66864  

only pedophiles are concerned about hurricanes

normal people like >>66850 aren't scared of the wind!

>> No.66876  


What type of logic is this?

>> No.66912  

>>66850 No. Are you? Just because someone likes to look at drawn pics of cute kids, puppies, kittens or whatever does not make them a pedophile. If someone gets turned on by pics of totally naked kids then they are a pedophile! You're "barking up the wrong tree" dude!

>>66864 How do you know what normal people are afraid/not afraid of? And how do you know whether >>66850 is/is not a pedophile? Stop trying to "stir things up" in this thread! That's what trolls do best!

And before another argument breaks out in this thread (Which I'm sure nobody wants), let it be know that although I'm not into "full grown" diaper girls, I have no problem with other peeps posting/requesting those kinds of pics. So let's all respect one and other and "live and let live". Let's have this thread be filled with pics, not fights.

>> No.66943  
File: 1314655016275.jpg -(125.71 kB, 1200x1685)
>> No.66950  
File: 1314670087968.jpg -(208.12 kB, 800x600)

And now back to the diapers...

>> No.66951  
File: 1314670148367.png -(322.20 kB, 614x768)
>> No.66952  
File: 1314670184353.jpg -(84.19 kB, 800x600)
>> No.66953  
File: 1314670667675.jpg -(169.72 kB, 805x805)
>> No.66954  
File: 1314670704273.jpg -(93.63 kB, 566x800)
>> No.66955  
File: 1314670729753.jpg -(125.63 kB, 950x1094)
>> No.66956  
File: 1314670878052.jpg -(843.31 kB, 1600x1200)
>> No.66958  
File: 1314672055207.jpg -(38.75 kB, 425x1080)
>> No.66959  
File: 1314672091648.jpg -(502.75 kB, 788x1000)
>> No.66960  
File: 1314672216219.jpg -(1.01 MB, 1133x1600)
>> No.66961  
File: 1314672291506.jpg -(47.25 kB, 962x987)
>> No.66962  
File: 1314672337884.jpg -(73.82 kB, 800x600)
>> No.66985  

Could you please reupload it on other hosting site?

>> No.67217  

Dont let it die.

>> No.67218  
File: 1314999340044.png -(191.70 kB, 596x600)
>> No.67238  
File: 1315021855231.jpg -(1.15 MB, 2800x2900)
>> No.67243  

Does anyone know the source for this pic? It nicely combines bondage and diapers. Thank you very much!

>> No.67244  

well, post it.

>> No.67299  
File: 1315097735293.png -(235.05 kB, 768x1024)
>> No.67315  
File: 1315139285681.jpg -(337.27 kB, 724x880)
>> No.67316  
File: 1315139304140.jpg -(63.21 kB, 640x497)
>> No.67317  
File: 1315139319354.jpg -(84.18 kB, 400x518)
>> No.67318  
File: 1315139337333.jpg -(22.83 kB, 329x387)
>> No.67351  
File: 1315228297924.jpg -(163.14 kB, 1057x699)

Lucky Star AR. Cute!

>> No.67388  
File: 1315261680716.jpg -(4.02 MB, 4000x2800)

my latest diaper pic.

>> No.67558  

looking for a K-on pic of the entire band in diapers and onesies. if anyone has can they post?

>> No.67568  
File: 1315557025619.jpg -(203.14 kB, 800x600)

does this help?

>> No.67576  
File: 1315579571855.png -(6.08 MB, 3500x4980)
>> No.67586  
File: 1315605193824.jpg -(874.16 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67587  
File: 1315605224550.jpg -(895.87 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67588  
File: 1315605274350.jpg -(910.86 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67589  
File: 1315605292126.jpg -(988.91 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67590  
File: 1315605309692.jpg -(775.78 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67591  
File: 1315605325425.jpg -(1.08 MB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67592  
File: 1315605468646.jpg -(946.37 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67593  
File: 1315605485657.jpg -(958.26 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67594  
File: 1315605675537.jpg -(713.79 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67595  
File: 1315605691113.jpg -(878.10 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.67596  

There... that's all the K-On I have.

>> No.67597  

holy shit, where did you got that?

>> No.67598  

Speak passable Japanese and troll perfectdark and 2chan.

>> No.67599  


Do you have any more unseen outside 2chan/etc. pictures like these, not necessarily K-On, just in general?

>> No.67605  
File: 1315622293915.jpg -(630.06 kB, 1031x1500)
>> No.67606  
File: 1315622401416.jpg -(49.98 kB, 580x627)
>> No.67817  
File: 1315897142045.jpg -(182.94 kB, 1000x750)


>> No.67908  
File: 1315999122667.jpg -(242.22 kB, 664x827)

Revolutionary Girl Utena AR. Cute!

>> No.68014  
File: 1316301315533.jpg -(405.82 kB, 940x1024)
>> No.68015  
File: 1316301539014.png -(1.63 MB, 1139x1024)
>> No.68016  
File: 1316301743373.png -(534.84 kB, 800x600)
>> No.68017  
File: 1316302110289.png -(1.36 MB, 1663x1024)
>> No.68018  
File: 1316303143334.png -(1.83 MB, 1713x1591)
>> No.68019  
File: 1316304034572.gif -(95.15 kB, 537x600)
>> No.68020  
File: 1316304294505.png -(242.06 kB, 800x1174)
>> No.68021  
File: 1316304549941.png -(553.54 kB, 600x800)
>> No.68022  
File: 1316308947777.png -(429.20 kB, 917x693)
>> No.68055  
File: 1316327900587.jpg -(387.07 kB, 1024x1445)

is anyone awesome enough to have this pic translated in english ?

>> No.68105  

Girl: Shit, lemme go you jerk! I can't really go while wearing this diaper now can I??

Captor: Well, you can't hold it much longer, can you? Stop trying to act so tough, it's OK to just let go. From today on you're a baby, you know.

Girl: W-what? Me a baby... No... AH I can't hold it, LEMME GO!

Captor: Stop disobeying me and pee right now. You're going to wet your diaper while everyone is watching you, and they're all gonna see your shameful little situation.

Girl: Ah! No! It's coming out, I'm peeing! Don't look! Don't look!

Captor: Oh hoho! You went alot, it's leaking out! And the smell, I guess we can't help that. So, what are your thoughts on being seen by everyone while in your filthy diaper? It seems you're still a baby who needs her diapers after all.

>> No.68108  
File: 1316416450173.png -(331.47 kB, 815x720)
>> No.68109  
File: 1316416658729.png -(303.79 kB, 900x788)
>> No.68110  
File: 1316416996936.png -(450.90 kB, 900x480)
>> No.68135  


thanks a lot for scratching that itch

i love that serie , i wonder if there are more than 3 pictures in it and who its from

>> No.68139  
File: 1316497102646.jpg -(274.85 kB, 1024x768)
>> No.68140  
File: 1316497324645.jpg -(2.23 MB, 1200x1551)
>> No.68141  
File: 1316497449863.jpg -(59.39 kB, 798x800)
>> No.68229  
File: 1316633427420.jpg -(165.17 kB, 1051x1481)
>> No.68230  
File: 1316633480683.jpg -(74.15 kB, 550x374)
>> No.68231  
File: 1316633577433.jpg -(147.51 kB, 699x1015)
>> No.68232  
File: 1316633738134.jpg -(208.05 kB, 744x1071)
>> No.68251  
File: 1316683601029.png -(502.50 kB, 768x1200)

>>68109 Cute!

Here's more baby giantess cuteness!

If anyone else has any cute diaper girl pics, please share!

>> No.68289  
File: 1316798471094.jpg -(626.25 kB, 3223x2329)

Close enough ?

>> No.68299  


>> No.68300  
File: 1316813099751.jpg -(57.81 kB, 850x733)
>> No.68306  


>> No.68338  

(available in renderotica galleries)

>> No.68342  

nothing comes up with that name for whatever reason

>> No.68436  

i think i died and gone to diaper haven!

>> No.68467  

good initiative but i'm not sure there is gonna be that much content those 6 thread all had a lot of overlapping pics

>> No.68469  

>>69431 Thanks for setting up the new 'chan board!

Maybe you can post the content from the previous six threads (Without the overlapping pics) into the Anime and Manga section to further encourage other peeps to share. The increase in content (From what is already in that section) could also attract new peeps to visit as well.

>> No.68470  

>>68431 Thanks for setting up the new 'chan board!

Maybe you can post the content from the previous six threads (Without the overlapping pics) into the Anime and Manga section to further encourage other peeps to share. The increase in content (From what is already in that section) could also attract new peeps to visit as well.

>> No.68500  
File: 1317098126474.jpg -(299.49 kB, 1100x833)
>> No.68501  
File: 1317098533073.jpg -(72.96 kB, 800x600)
>> No.68586  
File: 1317207324230.jpg -(63.75 kB, 768x1092)

The baby giantess cuteness rampage continues!

>> No.68588  
File: 1317216188362.jpg -(529.10 kB, 1024x1445)


>> No.68704  


>> No.68707  
File: 1317439053834.png -(25.55 kB, 768x1024)
>> No.68728  

I'm looking for that set of those live action pics of those women wearing schoolgirl outfits with dispers too. they were in previous threads. Also I cant access exhentai. anybody wanna help me?

>> No.68734  
File: 1317494298125.jpg -(96.15 kB, 238x440)
>> No.68735  
File: 1317494430561.jpg -(35.17 kB, 700x600)
>> No.68737  
File: 1317494486434.png -(355.22 kB, 900x572)
>> No.68738  
File: 1317495208525.jpg -(531.63 kB, 1680x1050)
>> No.68819  
File: 1317522146859.png -(936.35 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.68820  
File: 1317522232623.png -(718.89 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.68821  
File: 1317522270624.png -(750.71 kB, 1200x1600)
>> No.68849  

I love it. I ever wanted a Ranma diapered story. Is there any more?

>> No.68853  


Last one says "Page 3 of 3" in the lower right corner. I doubt it.

>> No.68928  
File: 1317625280102.jpg -(41.56 kB, 313x400)
>> No.68931  
File: 1317625392499.jpg -(372.77 kB, 759x1130)
>> No.68934  
File: 1317625490579.jpg -(363.73 kB, 1000x1000)
>> No.68937  
File: 1317625651113.jpg -(57.33 kB, 349x990)
>> No.68939  
File: 1317625706506.png -(316.49 kB, 800x732)
>> No.68941  
File: 1317625781048.jpg -(606.97 kB, 1668x1248)
>> No.68944  
File: 1317626056323.jpg -(39.30 kB, 350x590)
>> No.68945  
File: 1317626104260.jpg -(118.47 kB, 644x909)
>> No.68946  
File: 1317626144730.jpg -(67.91 kB, 405x600)
>> No.68947  
File: 1317626208350.jpg -(676.19 kB, 2144x3008)
>> No.68950  
File: 1317626313847.jpg -(2.14 MB, 2090x3000)
>> No.68952  
File: 1317626378160.jpg -(648.41 kB, 1098x1600)
>> No.68956  
File: 1317626502449.jpg -(162.66 kB, 783x1116)
>> No.69033  

I mean in general. More pics or, better, stories of Ranma's characters in diapers.

>> No.69138  
File: 1317772335086.jpg -(126.55 kB, 700x716)
>> No.69139  
File: 1317772395858.jpg -(350.57 kB, 2684x1269)
>> No.69140  
File: 1317772437022.jpg -(70.92 kB, 800x663)
>> No.69141  
File: 1317772478224.jpg -(133.42 kB, 800x566)
>> No.69193  
File: 1317844604577.jpg -(265.89 kB, 1200x1600)


>> No.69194  
File: 1317844654863.jpg -(278.04 kB, 1200x1600)


>> No.69222  
File: 1317904904626.png -(671.51 kB, 981x993)

Etna from Disgaea AR'ed. Cute!

>> No.69228  


Cute!! Thanks. :D

>> No.69377  
File: 1317983932534.jpg -(206.60 kB, 560x758)
>> No.69386  

No.68952 Awesome and I love the look on her face when she says she needs to use the bathroom

>> No.69466  

>>69138 Source??

>> No.69511  
File: 1318233609315.jpg -(77.70 kB, 572x550)
>> No.69598  
File: 1318358284360.jpg -(431.38 kB, 1200x900)

From previous thread, but I never got a source on it.

Anyone know where this came from? It's not from pixiv as far as I'm aware, I've checked. Unless it's not under the diaper tag. Don't think it's under pants soiling tag either.

>> No.69686  
File: 1318507999752.jpg -(346.75 kB, 940x960)

Street Fighter AR - Twice the cuteness!

>> No.69708  
File: 1318539200407.jpg -(193.67 kB, 1280x1277)
>> No.69811  
File: 1318605782718.jpg -(515.60 kB, 2500x2553)
>> No.69815  

more; i have two like this

>> No.69878  

>>69811 Wonderfully drawn and cute! Who is the artist and who are the characters please? Does the artist have a site? Any info is appreciated! Thanks for sharing a new pic!

>> No.70052  

No.69878 - the artist name is carotte and you can find more of his work at http://the-padded-room.deviantart.com/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/carotte666/
The characters are Keiichi Maebara, Mion Sonozaki, and Shion Sonozaki (identical twins) from the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni

>> No.70060  
File: 1318736264464.png -(169.76 kB, 1024x768)
>> No.70143  
File: 1318777365096.png -(366.72 kB, 730x1000)

>>70052 Thanks for the character and anime series IDs! I had a feeling that the artist was Carotte but I wasn't entirely sure. What threw me off was that the artwork was not signed with his usual "CA" signature. I'm not sure how I missed this one. Now I have to double check my collection just to make sure that I don't already have this pic! It is too bad that it wasn't another artist who did this piece. It would have been exciting to have another artist who could illustrate in a style similar to Carotte's.

I already have all the AR works from both of his sites as well as some of his older works from his gallery on Fox Tales Times -> http://www.foxtalestimes.com/Art/Carotte/index.html I don't recall seeing this piece on any of those three sites. Do you have any more of his works that are not already on those three sites? If so, could you please share them? Thanks!

Here's Reisen Inaba sitting on top of her sister Tewi Inaba from Project Touhou. The artist is Kokujuuji. Beautifully illustrated and cute!

>> No.70152  


I'm sure any worthwhile artist could illustrate in a "style" similar to his.

>> No.70176  

the only thing artists considered worthwhile today can do is dip sharks in formaldehyde and stud human skulls with diamonds

>> No.70195  
File: 1318810956050.jpg -(1.93 MB, 3126x2050)


>> No.70196  

no. 70143 - found the hugurashi pic in the scrapbook folder on carrotes deviant art page - here - http://the-padded-room.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps

don´t know if I have any pics by Carrotte that aren't uploaded on any of the 3 sites (aside from cushypen) So I decided to upload all the carrotte pictures I have (could be some non Carrotte pictures in there though) - enjoy


>> No.70232  
File: 1318856630517.gif -(583.00 kB, 2500x1639)

>>70195 Yeah. I saw that meme challenge about a month ago. I didn't think that AD-SD-ChibiGirl approached Carotte's style close enough IMHO.
Lil' Robbie took the same challenge and very closely approximates RFSwitched's style!

>>70196 Ah. I never thought to look in Carotte's scrapbook. I always thought that was where he kept unfinished works that he "junked" for one reason or another. I see that the Higurashi pic is a WIP which explains why I didn't see it before nor had it in my collection. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished artwork complete with shading and shadows!

Thank You for sharing your Carotte/various artists collection! I saw a few Carotte line art drawings that are no longer in his scrapbook which I missed and that match some of the finished Carotte pics that I have.

>>70196 BTW - You've been so helpful and friendly that you remind me of a similar person who always comes here near the end of each year and shares her entire collection of diaper pics. If you don't mind my asking, are you "Alicek-chan"?
:? :)

>> No.70233  
File: 1318858863611.jpg -(71.98 kB, 284x247)


Nope that'll be me. since I always post my Avi in my posts. And get ready folks. That time of year is just around the corner and its almost time for a new update. And this one will have a few videos in it. I might have to make this one a torrent. >>;;; Stay on your toes.

>> No.70234  
File: 1318859349642.png -(154.39 kB, 768x1406)
>> No.70283  

No. 70232
no, ím not alice chan, but I have a rather large collection of pictures I might share someday (over 13.000 pics)

>> No.70304  


Oh please, AD-SD-Ihaveadumbnamegirl couldn't change her artstyle at all. Her meme entry all look the same.

>> No.70331  
File: 1318933875194.png -(479.46 kB, 722x1000)

>>70304 ??? Did you mean to direct that comment to >>70195 instead? I have nothing against AD-SD-ChibiGirl. I just thought that that artist's meme of Carotte's style wasn't very close.

>>70233 Hi, Alicek-chan! I didn't know that you frequented this thread. I thought you only came here once a year. It's good to know that you're among us. If you're going to make a torrent, could you please also make DD links on MU at the same time? I don't leave my machine on 24/7 and don't do P2P. Thanks!

>>70232 13,000 pics? Wow~! I hope that you will share it over MU someday!

Here's one more cute pic by Kokujuuji - Remilia Scarlet from Project Touhou AR'ed!

>> No.70332  

>>70283 13,000 pics? Wow~! I hope that you will share it over MU someday!

>> No.70333  

both of these are really good!

>> No.70340  

No.70332 - Perhaps I will share them over the holidays, seeing as they are approaching rather rapidly. Of course I would have to filter out the pictures that are perhaps not appropriate for this thread, and that would leave about 12.000 or so pics.

And by MU you mean MegaUpload don´t you?

>> No.70349  
File: 1318955261649.jpg -(194.13 kB, 520x866)
>> No.70350  
File: 1318955289042.jpg -(142.98 kB, 531x886)
>> No.70353  

This just proves how easy it is.

>> No.70357  


Please do. That would be somewhat interesting to have. Is it all drawn stuff or are there RL pics in there?

>> No.70358  
File: 1318987585188.jpg -(25.30 kB, 90x80)


Are you kiddin me? I come to this place everyday! Its in my favorite's list for Pete's sake. This is one of just the many places I get my source material.

>> No.70373  
File: 1318999225153.jpg -(82.71 kB, 858x1200)
>> No.70387  

>>70340 Correct! MU = MegaUpload If it's not too much trouble for you. Also, I think that it would be better if you included all 13,000 pics and let peeps decide for themselves whether they want to keep a particular pic. Including everything also saves you the time and hassle of filtering out what you may deem as "inappropriate" pics. But of course, that is your choice. Thanks again!

>>70358 LOL! Okay, I see. It's just that you're most active near the end of each year, so I tend to think of you as a seasonal visitor here. Sorry about that!

>>70357 I think you meant to direct your comment to >>70283. Sorry for the confusion.

>> No.70388  


Nah it just so happens that my collection usually ends up doubling itself by the time christmas and thanksgiving roll around. I'll probably have to start uploading in november this year. MU is veeeeeeeeeeery slow when it comes to uploading content unless you're a premium member. -_-

>> No.70389  
File: 1319033224743.jpg -(925.35 kB, 1200x1516)


Nah it just so happens that my collection usually ends up doubling itself by the time christmas and thanksgiving roll around. I'll probably have to start uploading in november this year. MU is veeeeeeeeeeery slow when it comes to uploading content unless you're a premium member. -_-

>> No.70390  

>>70353 Well, like the old saying goes: "Art is subjective, not objective". Meaning that each viewer may form a different opinion of a given artwork(s) that may or may not be in agreement with those of another viewer. IMHO, in >>70195 AD-SD-ChibiGirl didn't come close enough to Carotte's style to convince me that it could be done by Carotte but in >>70232 Lil' Robbie came very close to RFSwitched's style enough to make me think that RFSwitched could heve done the artwork. You may have a different opinion from mine but that's fine too. That's the nature of art.

>> No.70391  

>>70389 Ah. I see you're a fan of Pink Diapers -> http://pink-diapers.deviantart.com/

>> No.70392  
File: 1319034063704.jpg -(13.51 kB, 100x100)

Heh more like I had commissioned her to do that for me and it came out FREAKING ADORIBLE!!!~

>> No.70425  
File: 1319079702311.jpg -(88.94 kB, 598x842)
>> No.70426  
File: 1319079726523.jpg -(89.17 kB, 598x842)
>> No.70443  


>IMHO, in >>70195 Sketch Man didn't come close enough to Carotte's style


>> No.70625  

I still don't know why anyone would want to draw in Carottes style. I mean, seriously, you couldn't think of ANY better abdl artists?

>> No.70631  

I literally can't

>> No.70636  

I can think of a few. RFSwitched, JD, PizzaBagel.

>> No.70667  

>>70631 Rather than "ranking" Kuronegi, Carotte, RFSwitched, Lil' Robbie, Normal Deviant and a few other artists as better than one another, I prefer to consider them all in the same "league". They are all great artists and if anyone in the art world could closely approach any of their illustration styles, then we would all be for the better. Again, art is subjective. You may not hold Carotte's style in that much high regard (And that's okay) but others (Like myself) do so.

>> No.70703  

The reason many don't like Carotte's work is the simple fact that many paid for his commissions and he stoped right in the middle of his comic.Just said"okay everyones bugging me ,I might finish the coic" and now here it is a year later and not one new page.Screw that guy.He is a theif!

>> No.70704  

He's also a real moody anal retentive prick. But that's just from personal experience. Perhaps someone else has talked to him and he didn't come off as short with them.

>> No.70705  

I don't care what people are like IRL
He draws nice pictures

>> No.70707  
File: 1319478368122.jpg -(212.28 kB, 813x1024)
>> No.70708  
File: 1319478490528.jpg -(393.78 kB, 1000x1251)
>> No.70709  
File: 1319478578533.jpg -(104.52 kB, 670x1024)
>> No.70710  
File: 1319478685758.png -(1.86 MB, 1369x1024)
>> No.70711  
File: 1319478783723.png -(731.70 kB, 947x1024)
>> No.70712  
File: 1319478849558.png -(1.30 MB, 989x1024)
>> No.70713  
File: 1319478893745.jpg -(242.76 kB, 1320x780)
>> No.70715  
File: 1319479029142.jpg -(1.99 MB, 3350x3300)
>> No.70716  
File: 1319479190787.png -(548.48 kB, 698x1024)
>> No.70732  
File: 1319505492777.jpg -(481.55 kB, 982x1024)
>> No.70733  
File: 1319505581368.png -(1.35 MB, 1663x1024)
>> No.70734  
File: 1319505620979.jpg -(319.15 kB, 1216x1024)
>> No.70735  
File: 1319505674819.jpg -(155.80 kB, 1058x1024)
>> No.70736  
File: 1319505819659.jpg -(94.37 kB, 960x708)
>> No.70737  

Anyone have the link to the old archives of this thread?

>> No.70741  


How does that make him a thief?

>> No.70742  

Technically if I remember correctly it the comic was the nursery one, right? It was being done through donations more or less, and when it met a certain mark he was supposed to, in collaboration with C.S. Fox(Who was helping storyboard?, damn this was long ago), make the next piece. Since it was being done that way there were no specific guarantees to any one person. While this was a bad way to operate, and and easy way to erk someone, it didn't directly translate to theft. That said, it was a pretty low blow to those who pitched in. I've never had interactions with him, with the exception of a really shitty pic I never finished that I submitted, but w/e, I don't know what he's really like.

>> No.70759  
File: 1319543763454.png -(152.80 kB, 768x869)

Here's another pic from another talented artist, Normal Deviant - The Dee Dee Twins from Batman Beyond Ar'ed. Cute!

>> No.70811  

No.70741 it was the way he went about collecting the money as mentioned above.Plusit seemed like he had enough money for a 14 page even said had a rough draft and now....natta..

>> No.70828  
File: 1319664365023.jpg -(78.14 kB, 750x724)

feel free to poost a lot more of that cushy pen stuff. Ironic how art from a diaper paysite is being leaked...

>> No.70834  

It looks like they've put on plastic pants though so leaks should be less frequent from now on

>> No.71002  
File: 1319858196910.png -(125.47 kB, 897x821)
>> No.71074  
File: 1319911690578.jpg -(125.33 kB, 509x600)
>> No.71085  

Can you tell me where you got it.

>> No.71137  

Is Akane from Ranma1/2???

>> No.71237  

For the love of god STOP POSTING THAT site ther is nothing to do with this thread

>> No.71248  

It's a spambot

>> No.71327  
File: 1320157769829.png -(548.45 kB, 768x1024)
>> No.71362  
File: 1320190976764.jpg -(470.67 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.71363  
File: 1320191032339.jpg -(437.55 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.71364  
File: 1320191072772.jpg -(525.30 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.71365  
File: 1320191104276.jpg -(507.65 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.71366  
File: 1320191144310.jpg -(328.76 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.71368  

So...after each page the author was required to drink another shot of whiskey, right?

>> No.71369  

was happy to finally read it in english until the mess of the last two pages

>> No.71387  
File: 1320231163594.png -(245.02 kB, 1536x1400)

Here's some K-On! AR by Normal Deviant featuring Ritsu Tainaka being diapered by Sawako Yamanaka. Cute!

>> No.71428  

>>71369>>71368the last 2 pages infortunately haven't been translated yet.but i thought i post

>> No.71601  
File: 1320504269453.jpg -(392.97 kB, 1000x1054)
>> No.71657  

^ Link unrelated.

>> No.71675  
File: 1320634683826.png -(152.20 kB, 799x480)

Does someone have the original version of this without the edits?

I could have sworn I had it, but I can't find it.

>> No.71677  
File: 1320638921684.jpg -(77.30 kB, 841x814)

Both done by the same artist actually.

>> No.71681  
File: 1320641642592.jpg -(152.41 kB, 459x660)

Thank you so much!

>> No.71731  
File: 1320750901108.png -(155.49 kB, 806x808)

Nia Teppelin and Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann AR'ed. Cute!

>> No.71734  
File: 1320762858490.jpg -(71.70 kB, 553x800)

Hey ya'll Alice-chan again.

Does anyone have sauce on this?
I found it on Diapered Anime and I've been dying for at least one person to give me an answer where to find it. I know its called Omutsu no Ya or Night of Diapers and you can tell it's written by DASH but I cant seem to find a link. Please help me out guys. I wanna see if I fit it into the collection among other things.

>> No.71771  
File: 1320831174391.jpg -(33.89 kB, 177x500)

I found the same picture in following site.

>> No.71786  

I found this comic.Now if everyone else would quit arguing about style and start posting NEW pictures


>> No.71787  
File: 1320866751319.jpg -(537.80 kB, 1071x1443)
>> No.71788  
File: 1320866820752.jpg -(745.61 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71789  
File: 1320866903380.jpg -(762.78 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71790  
File: 1320866974861.jpg -(781.79 kB, 1061x1500)

this nurse has style

>> No.71791  
File: 1320867042463.jpg -(669.80 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71792  
File: 1320867102265.jpg -(816.18 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71793  
File: 1320867147682.jpg -(812.54 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71794  
File: 1320867210809.jpg -(712.34 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71795  
File: 1320867288438.jpg -(731.62 kB, 1061x1500)
>> No.71796  
File: 1320867499322.jpg -(860.22 kB, 1061x1500)

I LOVE the look on the girl in the background more then anything she looks afraid...lol

>> No.71797  
File: 1320867855744.jpg -(323.73 kB, 600x800)
>> No.71798  
File: 1320867886328.jpg -(89.87 kB, 1200x900)
>> No.71804  

Sauce ??

>> No.71806  
File: 1320888613951.jpg -(576.52 kB, 1200x900)

found on g.e.

>> No.71841  


A translation of this would be awesome, especially the first three pages!

>> No.71842  


It's from RFswitched. The one you posted is actually the original. He just made a clean edit later.

>> No.71940  

I was in love with a woman who was all grace and perfection, beautiful of shape, and gifted with all imaginable charms. Her cheeks were like roses, her forehead lily white, her lips like coral; she had teeth like pearls, and breasts like pomegranates. Her mouth opened round like a ring; her tongue seemed to be incrusted with precious gems; her eyes, black and finely slit, had the languor of slumber, and her voice the sweetness of sugar. With her form pleasantly filled out, her flesh was mellow like fresh butter, and pure as the diamond.

>> No.71991  
File: 1320983641213.jpg -(412.47 kB, 600x800)

And it was at that moment you realized, it had a penis. Welcome to the internet, lol.

>> No.72032  
File: 1321017921710.jpg -(80.28 kB, 815x1200)

I have the "night of a diaper."
However, since I am not good at English, it cannot but depend for translation on software.
If approval can be obtained in this quality, I think that I will upload a continuation.

Page 2of16

>> No.72065  


Please, do it.

>> No.72073  
File: 1321093872458.jpg -(79.68 kB, 824x1200)

I appreciate a generous measure.

Page 3of16

>> No.72074  
File: 1321094037290.jpg -(80.48 kB, 778x1200)

The person who noticed the error of grammar asks you for correcting.

Page 4of16

>> No.72075  
File: 1321094440136.jpg -(72.01 kB, 818x1200)

Incidentally, The TokyoSanseiSha that had published this book has ended publication business now (since September, 2010).

Page 5of16

>> No.72076  
File: 1321094590910.jpg -(68.74 kB, 791x1200)

The page of this continuation is uploaded later again.

Page 6of16

>> No.72078  

Hey All, Alice-chan again.


Oh my goodness sir, thank you so much!! Where in the world did you find these, the scans are excellent! IF you wish, I don't mind helping with the translation. I can't read Japanese as well as I'd like but I can certainly tell what your translates can amount to when your grammar is corrected a little! Still, thank you so very much!

>> No.72107  

I'm not sure what sauce is,but I have the source if that helps

>> No.72122  


If you have the original files, I would greatly appreciate them. I've look all over the place and I cant find the scans.

>> No.72143  
File: 1321159311406.jpg -(134.91 kB, 1912x1062)
>> No.72162  
File: 1321186029599.jpg -(82.63 kB, 808x1200)

Page 7of16

>> No.72201  

breasts like pomegranates

>> No.72218  
File: 1321272000223.jpg -(89.33 kB, 832x1200)

Page 8of16

>> No.72311  
File: 1321360769403.jpg -(89.83 kB, 824x1200)

Page 9of16

>> No.72404  

have a good wank

>> No.72405  

Here's Euphemia (Normal) and Cornelia (AR'ed) from Code Geass. Cute!

>> No.72406  
File: 1321433811952.jpg -(183.78 kB, 1929x1937)

Here's Euphemia (Normal) and Cornelia (AR'ed) from Code Geass. Cute!

>> No.72411  
File: 1321445889599.gif -(208.33 kB, 816x1200)

Page 10of16

>> No.72427  
File: 1321469149271.png -(733.46 kB, 1697x1687)
>> No.72449  
File: 1321506591061.png -(590.58 kB, 682x619)

one of the best diaper chans i have found is dieing before it ever reached its true potential. give a hand and help breathe new life into it:


>> No.72509  

>>72449 I just restarted the AR thread there so peeps can post their AR pics.

>> No.72629  
File: 1321757364681.jpg -(514.87 kB, 1000x1000)

Lifesaving bump!

>> No.72766  
File: 1321926755014.png -(218.33 kB, 900x997)
>> No.72818  
File: 1321961073392.png -(81.05 kB, 580x916)

This is a new pic by Normal Deviant - Chichi from Dragon Ball Z AR'ed. Cute!

BTW - It is not a WIP, so it might not be colored sometime in the future. We can only hope that it will be colored.

>> No.72857  


We ever gonna finish this? You're keepin me in suspense!!

>> No.72873  

>>72818 can I get non AR'd DBZ girls? Like Bulma or Videl

>> No.72874  
File: 1322027063958.jpg -(98.68 kB, 634x880)
>> No.72892  

>>72873 I didn't commission the artwork. Someone else did and judging by the other works that the person had commissioned from the artist in the past (Which are all AR), you're out of luck. But keep checking. You never know. Someone else here might have come across some diapered DBZ girls. I prefer AR'ed ones myself.

>> No.72920  

rocket manatee's stuff seems awesome. almost makes me want to join cushypen, but $20 is a lot.

>> No.72923  


>but $20 is a lot.

That and you don't get the site's entire content for that amount, if that's still in effect that is.

>> No.72998  
File: 1322200502313.jpg -(88.56 kB, 850x850)
>> No.73018  
File: 1322233294584.png -(235.02 kB, 580x916)

Here's the colored WIP version of >>72818 without shading. Enjoy!

>> No.73019  

Note: It turns out that the line drawing in >>72818 was actually a WIP afterall.

>> No.73076  

Where are those K-on pictures from? They're adorable

>> No.73272  
File: 1322482349005.jpg -(85.88 kB, 509x600)

I knew that she was Akane. :D

>> No.73397  
File: 1322653683325.jpg -(283.78 kB, 1448x1544)

Time for some K-On AR! Cute!

>> No.73649  


>> No.73756  

bump bump for live

>> No.73807  
File: 1323111371674.jpg -(95.41 kB, 560x420)
>> No.73808  
File: 1323111392120.jpg -(79.47 kB, 588x800)
>> No.73809  
File: 1323111445088.jpg -(234.83 kB, 1074x1517)

Look it up on g-e-hentai

Diaper Days

>> No.73875  
File: 1323252059373.png -(440.06 kB, 817x1000)

Moar K-On AR just in time for the holidays! Cute!

>> No.73996  
File: 1323458946542.jpg -(292.84 kB, 1183x1700)

Any one have the full story?

>> No.73997  
File: 1323459072008.jpg -(327.67 kB, 1192x1700)

If you post it, I would try to translate it.

If it's translated, better. :D

>> No.74096  


>> No.74360  
File: 1323944180700.png -(212.61 kB, 1150x766)

Some more Lucky Star AR to pass the time. Cute!

>> No.74386  

Here's my collection


>> No.74417  
File: 1324023899596.png -(1.26 MB, 2000x2000)

>>74386 Thanks for sharing!

3.2GB? That's pretty impressive. Alice-Chan's collection was at 3.1GB last year. I wonder if her updates will be as much this year (She always releases her collection when it almost "doubles" in size) at year's end.

I found three new pics that I was going to post each over the next three weeks since things were slowing down here with too few peeps posting pics but what the Hell. Come on peeps, let's all share! Let's all help keep this thread alive...

First up, Here's Reimu from Project Touhou. She seems pissed that she's wearing a diaper that leaks. Cute!

>> No.74418  
File: 1324024216113.jpg -(974.34 kB, 1600x1200)

Next we have Yuna, an original character by Atelier Sin. Cute!

>> No.74419  
File: 1324024746973.jpg -(326.32 kB, 703x712)

Finally, here is an whimsical character wonderfully illustrated by an artist known as "米野" ("Wild Rice" translated by Google). By far the cutest, IMHO!

>> No.74431  

If it's a choice between letting the thread slow down or inundating it with pedo-bait lolicon, I vote for hitting the breaks.

>> No.74454  

AR is different from loli...however you must admit that once the AR is done their aint much of a difference between loli and AR

>> No.74482  

>>74431 So going along the same lines of your logic, any drawn pictures of cute puppies or kittens is beastiality. Please, let's not have any more fights in this thread. Especially not during the holidays. Also, if you want to see more of the other kinds of drawn diapered pictures in this thread then maybe you should post some of your own finds to encourage peeps to share instead of just complaining about what others have already shared.

>>74454 I agree with the first part of your statement. However, with AR, the characters in the pictures do not display genitals nor are they being violated in any way.

>> No.74494  


someone able to upload that to a better site like mediafire, megaupload, or something?

no offence to the uploader but I don't trust a site that requires registration for anonymous downloads

>> No.74499  

Welly well well Merry Christmas everyone! The wonderful agent of Santa Claus, Alice-chan again here with the yearly Collection Bonanza!~I promised you guys that I wouldn’t post another update until I doubled my collection from last year with last year’s count clocking in at 3.21 gigs strong. This year, I’m happy to annouce that my new collection this year clocks in 7.5 gigs; just a little over double!! I really don’t know how I did it folks. It was a looooong and arduous project, making me switch to another upload service as a result, but it has been completed and it’s here for you! Now, each chuck supplied in the links below is a 700 meg. piece so it will take a bit to download but it’s full of awesome diapery goodness. As a final note, thank you all for your love and support from last year’s collection. Its that kinda praise that keeps me doing this year after year. The next year is a mystery to me if I’ll be able to find another 7.5 gigs of stuff to but for another update but if I do, I’ll have to make a torrent out it, that’s for sure. In anycase that’s enough of me bein a downer. Enjoy the collection every one. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, have a good New Year, and as always, stay warm and padded people.



>> No.74500  
File: 1324144899012.jpg -(191.24 kB, 576x897)

Oooop forgot my picture~

>> No.74502  

Stop wasting the thread's image allotment with your stupid desire to have a damn avatar on a goddamn image board.

>> No.74503  


Well the way this thread is goin, I've seen it disappear and have to be saved multiple times anyway. So either add something constructive or shut the fuck up.

>> No.74505  


MU's been taking a shit on it's self lately after its update. MF and RS have stricter limits on it's upload sizes.

>> No.74558  

>>74499 Thanks for sharing, Alice-chan! As always, your avatar is cute!

If you don't mind a suggestion, why not organize your collection into seperate years? That way, peeps that already have your stuff from previous years don't have to end up DLing what they already have. Also, it will keep the file sizes down so that you can use MU again (Smaller upload size) and don't have to torret a humongus file (Not everybody does P2P).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

>> No.74567  


Thank you for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. In response and in my defense, I wanted to do just an update version but there are some things with this collection than the last. I recently learned of a program called VisiPics that looks through all the pictures in a folder and weeds out any doubles. Before, I was going through it with my own eyes and deleting as I found doubles but with this, it showed me all that I missed and it was quite a lot. In anycase, this version of the collection I've gone through with a fine tooth comb so theres some files that are not present in collections past.

>> No.74759  

Bump for life.

>> No.74760  

bump for life

>> No.74807  
File: 1324559268550.jpg -(302.64 kB, 911x645)

Merry Christmas everyone!

>> No.74809  

Has anyone the rest of the pages of this story?

>> No.74811  
File: 1324570221274.jpg -(316.68 kB, 2480x3508)

Merry Christmas, everyone. Here's some shitty OC from me. enjoy.

>> No.74890  
File: 1324692727598.png -(852.62 kB, 1600x1200)

Anyone have the archive of the previous thread?


>> No.74891  
File: 1324692866013.jpg -(604.03 kB, 1600x1132)

x2 Combo

>> No.74892  
File: 1324692899848.png -(35.25 kB, 720x641)

x3 Combo

>> No.74996  

she's so beautiful

>> No.75021  
File: 1324858037589.jpg -(200.12 kB, 850x680)
>> No.75031  

she's so ugly

>> No.75193  

Moar Lucky Star AR! Cute!

>> No.75194  
File: 1325070222339.jpg -(136.90 kB, 1030x808)

Moar Lucky Star AR! Cute!

>> No.75232  
File: 1325133739606.gif -(224.04 kB, 1000x1427)

iiichan.net is dead. Long live Omuchan.com

>> No.75250  
File: 1325171960445.jpg -(1022.76 kB, 438x650)

Oh well Cie-la-vie. It's sad to see this board go but seeing as this thread has been on the verge of extinction so many times, Im not too surprised to see it go. in anycase, at least we as a diaper community have Omuchan.com. I for one support that site just as I support this one. Everyone, lets go on over there in cause this board doesn't get saved. Theres plenty of potential to be had there.

>> No.75253  

It's sad that this board is going under but at least we had a good six year run. Thanks for all the memories, iiichan.

Hopefully, Omuchan will be around for as long or even longer.

>> No.75291  


>> No.75310  
File: 1325262556163.jpg -(1.35 MB, 1110x1553)
>> No.75311  
File: 1325262631625.jpg -(1.57 MB, 1110x1553)
>> No.75318  
File: 1325283274811.jpg -(46.12 kB, 250x363)

Page 10of16

>> No.75353  

those going permanently to Omuchan i bid you farewell, i shall remain here to guide future AB/DLs to the promised land.

The diaper thread shall not die, it shall become a path to Omuchan.com

>> No.75380  
File: 1325393809289.jpg -(20.75 kB, 348x500)

Page 16of16

>> No.75404  
File: 1325441688287.jpg -(328.18 kB, 1133x1600)
>> No.75405  
File: 1325441723618.jpg -(334.46 kB, 1133x1600)
>> No.75406  
File: 1325441778469.jpg -(323.05 kB, 1133x1600)
>> No.75470  

We're got to

>> No.75594  
File: 1325808050045.jpg -(1.37 MB, 1110x1553)

got to what?start allowing diaper boys in this thread?

>> No.75677  

No.75614 not to be rude,but most of ths stuff in the petichan thread is stuff thats either been posted in earlier versions of this topic or stuff this too crappy to be posted here or diaper boys...

I checked out the IRL diaper section and yes it was worse then the drawing pics,,,,

>> No.75721  

lrn2postlink and how to hide threads

>> No.75835  

75721 wtf you mean by that?! I didn't post that link

>> No.75873  


Jello anon that didn't find a site with original content.

>> No.75878  
File: 1326127556434.jpg -(337.73 kB, 626x1000)

You don't even know what postlinking is... what I'm doing above, yeah that. Only derps new to imageboards copy and past the post number. Plus the irl thing isn't even on the same site. Nigga you fuckin stupid, have some content.

>>75614 Awesome find.

>> No.75921  

75878.... is it my fault I'm not fourteen years old like you??I've been online since America Online back in 01 and how dare you call me a nigga...I'm not black and I've posted plenty of content to this place...fuckin dumbass

>> No.75922  

motherfucking faggit

>> No.75923  


Blah blah internet drama. Back on topic please. Moar diaper hentai, please. :)

>> No.75924  

So I went to gamestop and they didn't have any of the porn I wanted but before I could leave the store spaghetti started falling out of my pockets. I was embarassed and tried to eat the spaghetti before anyone saw but the clerk saw and he came over and gave me a spoon and fork. Several hours later I had finished the spaghetti and gained 300 pounds. Then I waddled over to the till and bought a copy of super smash bros for the N64. The clerk thanked me and I walked out.
oh and I guess I was wearing a diaper to make it relevant to this thread

>> No.75955  
File: 1326278261871.jpg -(33.71 kB, 464x600)
>> No.75960  
File: 1326279311119.jpg -(65.13 kB, 452x480)
>> No.75969  

>>75924 wut is this i dont even

>> No.75998  

Oh no, his autism is out of control! Get down everyone, this niggafag is having a sperg attack!

>> No.76004  

only a tard can call someone nigga.

>> No.76005  

I was trying to put a diaper on a giant pear with a mouth, and then this nonsensical adventure happened. Right now I'm setting up a restaurant in your colon selling my infinite supply of spaghetti. I'd like to offer you a few coupons for a free meal here. You made it all possible, whether you know it or not.

>> No.76006  

I'm >>76005
I meant to reply to >>75969

>> No.76007  
File: 1326358195394.jpg -(49.16 kB, 402x600)
>> No.76056  

Why are we declaring these threads dead before they are dead?

>> No.76088  

No.75998 dude you are pretty low to say racial slurs,but now you want to make fun of people with mental conditions?(I'm bi-polar)but thats beside the point...you must feel like a big man figthing on a diaper fetish site

>> No.76089  

Stop feeding the trolls.

>> No.76090  



please what's the source? I'm not into this fetish nor loli, but I love the art of this mangaka (Y. Asari)

>> No.76122  
File: 1326524505689.jpg -(1.23 MB, 1110x1553)

No.76089 it would help if everyone just went back to posting pics....they got another thread started up for gods sake...

>> No.76123  
File: 1326524584192.jpg -(400.29 kB, 1500x1057)

I a supporting this fetish...unleash all stashed and bogarded pics!!!!

>> No.76124  
File: 1326524614964.jpg -(169.63 kB, 566x500)
>> No.76183  

>>75960 I would love to now the artist PLEASE

>> No.76213  



enjoy (you will obviously need an account before getting to the material. Also you'll probably have to turn off the mature filter in your profile)

>> No.76353  
File: 1326983276630.jpg -(41.21 kB, 480x640)

Keeping the thread going with a classic...

>> No.76565  


>> No.76964  

Well, January has just passed and here we are near the end -> http://iiichan.net/ Like Rose and Jack in James Cameron's Titantic movie, we are just hanging onto the back rail of the ship waiting for the other half of the ship to shoot down into the watery abyss. So long One Thread, One Fetish. You will be missed.

>> No.76969  

I swear if its not the depression doing this(economy) I'm not sure what is...(fuckin hates life)

>> No.76999  

no don't want that

>> No.77437  
File: 1328467006167.jpg -(88.51 kB, 500x626)
>> No.77439  
File: 1328468798386.jpg -(234.14 kB, 705x1024)
>> No.77856  

keep alive

>> No.78184  
File: 1328999345170.jpg -(91.51 kB, 627x900)
>> No.78185  
File: 1328999374898.jpg -(100.83 kB, 627x900)
>> No.78186  
File: 1328999434906.jpg -(162.72 kB, 744x1071)
>> No.78187  
File: 1328999475596.jpg -(52.54 kB, 640x480)
>> No.78188  
File: 1328999520883.jpg -(85.05 kB, 800x600)
>> No.78189  
File: 1328999809886.jpg -(187.96 kB, 700x800)
>> No.78190  
File: 1328999838657.jpg -(267.03 kB, 557x800)
>> No.78191  
File: 1328999885795.jpg -(47.57 kB, 400x283)
>> No.78192  
File: 1328999916682.jpg -(44.67 kB, 419x459)
>> No.78193  
File: 1328999991417.jpg -(118.08 kB, 450x600)
>> No.78194  
File: 1329000038371.jpg -(40.66 kB, 703x941)
>> No.78195  
File: 1329000060532.jpg -(35.68 kB, 477x640)
>> No.78196  
File: 1329000090211.jpg -(23.86 kB, 382x589)
>> No.78198  
File: 1329000191480.jpg -(45.88 kB, 522x700)
>> No.78199  
File: 1329000271282.jpg -(342.43 kB, 864x1256)
>> No.78205  


Does anyone know where this is posted? It's not on his deviantart or diaperedanime

>> No.78543  
File: 1329317898766.jpg -(157.45 kB, 850x1133)
>> No.78786  
File: 1329424379034.jpg -(132.66 kB, 531x406)
>> No.79843  

link for >>78786

>> No.79844  

it's an edit of a screenshot from ikki tousen.

>> No.79867  
File: 1330238657215.jpg -(66.35 kB, 687x908)
>> No.80342  


>> No.81008  
File: 1331528657787.jpg -(141.53 kB, 1440x900)
>> No.81270  
File: 1332218476709.jpg -(144.79 kB, 800x600, c89c9b671b7a1f81c4d09cefc(...).jpg)

This was the first image posted on iiichan back when it switched sites. I still remember the old white web design.

>> No.81923  
File: 1333433592452.jpg -(187.24 kB, 661x700, 1331946875699.jpg)
>> No.81925  
File: 1333433656007.jpg -(464.56 kB, 721x1000, 1331926674039.jpg)
>> No.81936  
File: 1333459511586.jpg -(113.49 kB, 400x400, 1332814981330.jpg)
>> No.82114  

need more

>> No.82457  

keep alive

>> No.82526  
File: 1334324829903.jpg -(159.58 kB, 657x1024, 1319328667112.jpg)
>> No.82556  
File: 1334459908307.png -(352.66 kB, 715x800, 132883134573.PNG)
>> No.82731  
File: 1334898018045.jpg -(340.52 kB, 640x777, 1bc50565b293c1c0f540de11c(...).jpg)
>> No.82909  
File: 1335268363907.png -(109.96 kB, 350x273, katia1.png)

Anyone got the full-size version of this?

>> No.82920  

Wow...I thought the art standards over there on CP were supposed to be rather high. That picture is just down right lousy...>.>

>> No.82921  
File: 1335321428864.jpg -(8.34 MB, 3046x4544, 2010001.jpg)

«It's an illustration for a story. not exactly their best work, but at least its readable for non-furries because its well written, if a bit weird.

Honestly, though, good artists are starting to become really, really scarce with the new censorship laws popping up everywhere in Europe.

>> No.82922  
File: 1335321868792.jpg -(136.47 kB, 524x800, 127061911.jpg)

>>82921 Here, posting some more old work.
Honestly, ever since gazoru closed its been hard distributing work to the community without it getting plastered all over 4chan. Its not that I mind the attention, but without going super-ADD like Mif-Maf and the others small studios like MIA just wont survive very long. Its a good month if we can sell off 100 semester artpack units since niche fetish works end up on private sites and theres nothing I can do about it except distributing Print-Only except when I feel like advertising (as I am somewhat doing now).

P.S. Please don't mind my English, its not my native tongue, and Rosetta Stone is all the practical experience I have.

>> No.82923  
File: 1335321975759.jpg -(7.66 MB, 3234x4544, pc2175_1324402303_peticha(...).jpg)

I'll let you fellas' have one more picture before I take my leave.

>> No.82941  

anyone know what happened to petichan? not working for me

>> No.82961  

diaperedanime.com does not work too?

>> No.82964  

Diaperedanime is likely having some server issues happens every so often and takes about a week or two to come back up.

>> No.83172  
File: 1336102242038.jpg -(148.68 kB, 926x1356, 1251949259330.jpg)
>> No.83229  
File: 1336292587531.jpg -(276.75 kB, 650x770, gamerkittyfinal.jpg)
>> No.83230  
File: 1336292671947.jpg -(70.54 kB, 320x319, porn.jpg)
>> No.83302  
File: 1336425363401.png -(1.03 MB, 3769x1031, 1336085468130.png)
>> No.83303  
File: 1336425393742.jpg -(305.76 kB, 913x983, 1336130787659.jpg)
>> No.83304  
File: 1336425426985.png -(2.40 MB, 1562x2026, 1336378768722.png)
>> No.83343  

So... ur... ce...?

>> No.83402  

I've always wondered if anybody could explain what the story behind MIA's/9's trap stories is.

I know they actually do have a story because somebody posted the links to them ages ago (even a pdf file)

>> No.83407  
File: 1336701410460.jpg -(719.25 kB, 673x1200, 1336443169643.jpg)


>> No.83454  
File: 1336780371584.jpg -(106.57 kB, 1098x1440, mel__s_desperate_struggle(...).jpg)

by theshortkeys (dA)

>> No.83455  
File: 1336780407219.jpg -(133.69 kB, 763x1000, mel_desperately_struggles(...).jpg)

colour version by ishy (dA)

>> No.83470  
File: 1336855569840.png -(115.98 kB, 356x273, d8cad7c898d1f2acfcc38b169(...).png)


>> No.83480  

Shortkeys just commissioned it, I drew it. --Suichiro

>> No.83481  


Can I ask for the source site on these two? I can't read the link at all. Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.83500  


>> No.83501  


>> No.83584  
File: 1337136191890.png -(356.04 kB, 608x802, 1336841422502.png)
>> No.83652  

>>83454 If one's feeling extra mean, they could give her some laxatives, too.

>> No.83777  
File: 1337285680396.jpg -(14.76 kB, 415x311, Video Games 001.jpg)
>> No.83778  
File: 1337285844679.jpg -(201.71 kB, 775x870, fffdad43e23082b9ec74d92c5(...).jpg)

Can anyone please tell me who she is or at least tell me where she came from? I feel like I've seen her somewhere but I don't really know where... It'd be nice if someone told me.

>> No.84073  

is diaperedanime.com still down?

>> No.84515  

what's diaperedanime.com?

>> No.84551  


>> No.87067  

jump rope

>> No.90843  
File: 1347688155102.png -(275.98 kB, 450x600, tumblr_m7943dbvnm1rarm5zo(...).png)
>> No.91596  

It's back baby.

>> No.94819  
File: 1354499136024.jpg -(833.26 kB, 1200x900, 06_7.jpg)
>> No.96435  
File: 1357103727587.jpg -(1.04 MB, 1050x1400, 30694857.jpg)

imagebump to necro thread

>> No.98465  
File: 1360754519079.jpg -(439.39 kB, 768x1024, sast.jpeg)

ayeka make sasami wear diaper and sleep in crib!

>> No.98765  
File: 1361287114007.jpg -(71.96 kB, 800x600, n010_07.jpg)

Just to keep it going :3 <3

>> No.107238  
File: 1377921592315.jpg -(157.18 kB, 668x701, 126843533072.jpg)
>> No.112610  
File: 1387144521347.png -(740.76 kB, 850x889, 1386559926282.png)

my last draw

>> No.114618  

Does anyone have a sauce? Artist, anything?

>> No.115697  
File: 1391584735292.jpg -(92.92 kB, 404x600, 1370226704430.jpg)

Wake up Wake Up

>> No.115698  
File: 1391584799299.jpg -(1019.72 kB, 1333x1000, 40671593_p1.jpg)

Wake up Wake UP!!!

>> No.115699  
File: 1391584986514.jpg -(165.49 kB, 864x1092, 1370235446505.jpg)

hageshiku yusaburi o kakeru tamashii
no kodou
yami no naka de hirata hitomi wa
akirame no yokan yori mo tsumi na manazashi

>> No.115700  
File: 1391585143730.jpg -(226.69 kB, 600x737, 1374483999079.jpg)

haruka tooi kioku no hate
taiyou no kehai o kanjiru
I'm breaking darkness
fukai kiri o tsuki nuke
kanashimi goto toki hanate WAKE UP!

>> No.115701  
File: 1391585237141.jpg -(459.46 kB, 1200x1600, _53.jpg)

tomaranai tomaranai ai o kowa sou
dakashimete dakishimete kanjiru mama ni
owaranai owaranai jun na yokubou
kigore hitotsu mo nai aokute jiyuu na sora e
tsubasa o hiroge you

>> No.115702  
File: 1391585431324.jpg -(480.91 kB, 1600x1600, 1378693376177.jpg)

araso iya utagai no hibi surietta kokoro
hitori kiri de nagashita namida wa
yoru goto ni shinka o toge tsuyosa ni kawaru

>> No.115703  
File: 1391585511852.png -(326.25 kB, 500x693, 1378849247269.png)

mapushii kaze sawameku machi
hikari o motome mawaru chikyuu
I'm feeling truthness
hontou no jibun nara
mou nani mo kowakunai WAKE UP!

>> No.115704  
File: 1391585568882.png -(452.55 kB, 668x1196, 1378905907717.png)

doko made mo doko made mo yume o sagasou
kagirinai kagirinai ashita ni mukai
itsu made mo itsu made mo kagayaki nagara
toki o koe kiseki o kanaeru mugen no sora e
tsubasa o hiroge you

>> No.115705  
File: 1391585653898.jpg -(355.75 kB, 1134x1600, 1379055478124.jpg)

tomaranai tomaranai ai o kawasou
dakishimete dakishimete kanjiru mama ni
owaranai owaranai jyu na yokobou
kigore hitori mo nai akute jiyuu na sora e

>> No.115706  
File: 1391585793250.jpg -(86.70 kB, 815x1122, 1380954381784.jpg)

doko made mo doko made mo yume o sagasou
kagirinai kagirinai ashita ni mukai
itsu made mo itsu made mo kagayaki nagara
toki o koe kiseki o kanaeru mugen no sora e
tsubasa o hiroge you

>> No.115707  
File: 1391585976119.jpg -(119.79 kB, 900x1196, 1374548155673.jpg)

That was the ending song to Gokudo.

Quick summery of this series is Slayers with a genie and Lina is a boy who is greedier and much of a prick.

>> No.115806  

bump + request for okayokayokok comics please

>> No.115813  
File: 1391831306056.png -(355.83 kB, 1200x2000, 1390631889684.png)

okayokayokok comics link: http://okayokayokok.deviantart.com/gallery/

>> No.115869  

any full comics?

>> No.115924  
File: 1392096978884.png -(294.16 kB, 695x701, 130497216523.png)
>> No.115941  
File: 1392133257627.jpg -(182.51 kB, 657x964, higasiya_30_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115942  
File: 1392133285780.jpg -(173.36 kB, 665x964, higasiya_31_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115943  
File: 1392133320049.jpg -(185.88 kB, 648x962, higasiya_32_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115944  
File: 1392133347567.jpg -(179.09 kB, 663x966, higasiya_33_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115945  
File: 1392133374174.jpg -(188.65 kB, 660x962, higasiya_34_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115946  
File: 1392133400123.jpg -(199.14 kB, 659x964, higasiya_35_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115947  
File: 1392133427504.jpg -(195.90 kB, 655x964, higasiya_36_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115948  
File: 1392133460894.jpg -(232.15 kB, 663x964, higasiya_37_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115949  
File: 1392133484728.jpg -(198.80 kB, 657x964, higasiya_38_anonib.jpg)


>> No.115950  


Sauce, pls?

>> No.116004  

Can this be bumped or should a new thread be made?

>> No.116163  
File: 1392621143389.png -(1.32 MB, 1278x1719, 1378853248771.png)
>> No.116565  
File: 1393723645066.jpg -(142.83 kB, 800x1101, 1154684847480.jpg)
>> No.116566  
File: 1393723685904.jpg -(78.66 kB, 523x725, 1156578039283.jpg)
>> No.116567  
File: 1393723701953.jpg -(98.77 kB, 600x800, 1159588787472.jpg)
>> No.116568  
File: 1393723793901.jpg -(216.68 kB, 800x600, 1163442304114.jpg)
>> No.116569  
File: 1393723810057.jpg -(207.39 kB, 457x750, 1164077139686.jpg)
>> No.125941  
File: 1409667699028.jpg -(248.40 kB, 1024x1140, art_trade___dinnertime_fo(...).jpg)
>> No.125942  
File: 1409667781511.jpg -(290.21 kB, 707x1000, katniss_by_hofbondage-d7w(...).jpg)
>> No.125995  
File: 1409790085753.jpg -(342.36 kB, 1280x1429, the_nap_of_the_brave_by_t(...).jpg)
>> No.128484  


>> No.135304  

So is there any link or what magazine/doujinshi name they're from?

>> No.137247  
File: 1434854165017.png -(411.82 kB, 900x1007, 1325710478_calineproducti(...).png)

bump/adding new content

>> No.139666  
File: 1440198994950.jpg -(888.76 kB, 1024x1445, English1316327900587.jpg)

I saw lower in the thread that this someone as a comment had translated this pictures dialogue. I've simply added this to the picture. Enjoy!

>> No.144284  


>> No.148189  
File: 1461415309043.jpg -(1008.89 kB, 700x1200, 1461101486622[1].jpg)
>> No.151187  
File: 1468900837565.png -(1.93 MB, 3680x3507, 1468463784513.png)
>> No.154422  
File: 1476624899683.jpg -(242.30 kB, 521x750, tumblr_nzqmznPjks1re4jfzo(...).jpg)
>> No.154423  
File: 1476625386784.jpg -(265.74 kB, 574x820, tumblr_nu6fm1jgEs1tje6nno(...).jpg)
>> No.154425  
File: 1476626120609.jpg -(157.82 kB, 945x1355, tumblr_mpk6s3MEM81re4jfzo(...).jpg)
>> No.156627  
File: 1481410004071.png -(859.57 kB, 1200x1278, 44616029.png)

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