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File: 1291577486017.jpg -(481.05 kB, 991x1066)
492594 No.6381   [Reply]

What's this? No Tycho love?

>> No.6398  

cuz everybody forgot about gunbuster and gunbuster 2

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File: 1390514894844.jpg -(38.22 kB, 303x450)

File: 1382611141374.gif -(710.23 kB, 120x90)
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Lets try something different...

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>> No.7756  

and then 4th Impact trigger

File: 1299105373414.gif -(57.22 kB, 640x400)
58592 No.6517   [Reply]

Don't you think Hiroko-chan is cute?

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>> No.6519  


go watch Otaku no Video, grasshopper.

>> No.6594  
File: 1303923348989.jpg -(148.63 kB, 1440x900)
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File: 1378867240189.png -(565.36 kB, 853x480)


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File: 1300715599800.png -(901.80 kB, 1024x768)
923441 No.6544   [Reply]

Just to counter this "Asuka thing" over here lets have Rei Ayanami instead!

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File: 1302042885686.jpg -(65.97 kB, 600x800)


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File: 1336420787203.jpg -(85.79 kB, 850x637)
>> No.7066  
File: 1337508453299.jpg -(264.34 kB, 839x1672)

so does anybody have this pic WITHOUT the text or grid lines in the way?

>> No.7312  
File: 1352014714586.png -(75.92 kB, 127x310)

im not going anywhere >_<;

>> No.7364  
File: 1356647327440.jpg -(97.44 kB, 770x511)
>> No.7365  
File: 1356703284962.jpg -(77.42 kB, 640x480)
>> No.7390  

What the actual fuck is going on in that pic D:

>> No.7510  
File: 1367714233341.jpg -(136.01 kB, 1024x768)

May ask for the original picture where this Rei is from? I recall shinji being there, well dressed as well.

>> No.7525  
File: 1368347429906.jpg -(60.97 kB, 400x600)


>> No.7668  

I love you. Thanks a lot! I'd send you a million hugs through the internet if that were possible.

File: 1373301714519.gif -(24.08 kB, 500x426)
24658 No.7615   [Reply]

sup /gainax/

i watched ebichu a while ago an noticed that it was originally part of a larger programming block called "the gainax anime bubble bubble love hour" or some such.
anyway, i want to watch the other shows that aired with ebichu, but i'm having trouble tracking them down.

anyone have advice for me on the best way to proceed?

>> No.7624  

I heard that they're shit.

>> No.7625  

from a reliable source?
i found one ep of one of them, but its not really enough to draw a conclusion from.

>> No.7636  


File: 1359427214769.gif -(76.22 kB, 640x480)
78050 No.7405   [Reply]
>> No.7428  

I love to hate games like this, I'd spend hundreds of hours find out the mechanic and algorthym behind it.

>> No.7429  

Glad this isn't just me.

I'm not very mathematically minded, though. I just keep a notepad and paper handy and try random things until I figure out the formulas. There's probably some proper way to reverse engineer and derive algorithms like this.

File: 1360808015201.jpg -(152.79 kB, 600x437)
156459 No.7427   [Reply]

Let's talk about how trashy was this crap.

>> No.7430  

WHAT?!? you no like the enfanchelion?!?

File: 1296884444874.jpg -(52.21 kB, 640x480)
53461 No.6477   [Reply]

What's the deal with Evangelion? I love Gainax but I have never seen it. I first fell in love with FLCL, really got into Gurren Lagann, enjoyed Mahoromatic, and even liked Panty & Stocking. Oh, and I'm currently watching Abenobashi. Is Evangelion actually any good? I've heard so many bad things about it. It doesn't really look similar to the other things I like from Gainax.

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>> No.6512  

I thought Eva was a fantastic show. The only real "problem" with it that I have seen is it appears that a lot of the fans got into it simply because it had a lot of big robots fighting, and thought the whole point of the show was mecha combat. While Eva certianly has its share of that, don't expect a simple mecha show.

Eva is very much like the earlier Gainax works such as Gunbuster and Nadia, rather than Mahoromatic, P&S, etc.

>> No.6558  


Who is that?

>> No.6564  

Who the hell do you know who said its bad? [not that I would know them] But seriously. 10 years ago, now, the future, its great.

>> No.6566  

IMO it's better than the rest of the Gainax shows you like. Though I haven't seen Mahoromatic so I can't comment on it.

>> No.6585  

Still the best Gainax show.

If you watch it, make sure you go through the show (NPC version) and The End of Evangelion before the Rebuild.

>> No.6911  

>>6512 I have a friend who won't watch it because he's not into mecha shows..
Tvtropes top page quote for Eva: "This is a giant robot saga the same way Twin Peaks was a cop show." >>6512

>> No.6912  

I find eva kinda pretentious.

>> No.6913  

>>6911 Did you tell him it's not really a mecha show?

>> No.7279  
File: 1349418013918.jpg -(388.49 kB, 1722x1715)

One thing about Eva is that the people who don't like Eva, reeeeally don't like Eva. Like, it really rubs them the wrong way. And they just hate people that like Eva. It's kind of funny. The haters all act like Asuka in that regard.

>> No.7380  

bompeth for asukorz lankley of the evangelion!

File: 1351301086392.jpg -(426.05 kB, 800x1107)
436280 No.7306   [Reply]
>> No.7307  
File: 1351301122823.jpg -(1.16 MB, 1000x1200)
>> No.7308  
File: 1351301151074.jpg -(77.59 kB, 600x424)
>> No.7309  
File: 1351301169721.jpg -(320.92 kB, 500x699)
>> No.7311  
File: 1351301762781.jpg -(401.92 kB, 1249x853)

File: 1304664265565.jpg -(427.01 kB, 950x1237)
437254 No.6602   [Reply]

who's socks smell better?
asuka or naota

>> No.6603  
File: 1304664386640.jpg -(586.10 kB, 1200x1743)


>> No.6707  
File: 1312775647185.jpg -(370.88 kB, 1413x869)

Apples and oranges.

Asuka's feet are probably sweaty and soaked with girly pheromones, while Naota's prepubescent feet are probably dry and have a nice mild flavor.

>> No.6853  

Naota no question. MORE NAOTA :DDD

>> No.6928  

He never got more

>> No.7196  
File: 1344238010236.jpg -(398.32 kB, 880x1186)

Asuka. She could own me for life with her socks.

>> No.7266  
File: 1349234972707.jpg -(152.86 kB, 600x480)


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