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Sling come back

File: 1442331583865.jpg -(76.87 kB, 1023x556)
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"French President Francois Hollande announced Monday that it is "necessary" France carry out airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria.

The French military began reconnaissance flights last week above Syrian Islamic State positions in response to the migrant crisis created by the country's civil war, which has caused more than 4 million Syrians to flee.

"We announced reconnaissance flights would be carried out allowing us to envisage strikes if necessary ... and it will be necessary," Hollande said Monday at a press conference."


File: 1442236888546.jpg -(53.07 kB, 600x450)
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"Austria has said it is deploying troops to help deal with a migrant influx, and will tighten controls on its border with Hungary.

The move came after Germany imposed controls on its border with Austria.

EU states are struggling to cope with a steady stream of arrivals, many aiming for Germany where the vice-chancellor said one million may arrive this year.

European interior ministers are to hold an emergency meeting on the migrant crisis later on Monday."


File: 1442061106349.jpg -(132.24 kB, 1290x726)
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"Through the character "Refugee Mario," this YouTube video shows the perilous journey taken by thousands seeking refuge in Europe. Gone are Luigi and Princess Peach. Smugglers take Mario on a risky journey across the Mediterranean Sea where he eventually encounters Hungarian border guards and is thrown into prison. At several points throughout the video Refugee Mario faces obstacles which lead to his death.

The video was made by a 29 year old Syrian man based in Istanbul, Turkey. Going only by a pseudonym Samir Al-Mufti, for what he cites as security reasons, he told us how he came up with the idea. "A lot of my friends have fled for Europe. From talking to them I built a clear idea of what they went through and the life threatening risks they took".

"Five months ago my best friend drowned in the sea while travelling from Ismir (Turkey) to Greece. The engine on the boat exploded. That's when I got the idea for the video," Samir told BBC Trending."


>> No.13800  

they're economic migrants looking for a handout, as well as terrorists and criminals looking to get into europe.

and the cuckolds are welcoming them with open arms.

why don't they go to central asia?

File: 1441974693929.jpg -(86.66 kB, 575x450)
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"U.S. government officials have blocked the release of 116 pages of defense lawyers' notes detailing the torture that Guantanamo Bay detainee Abu Zubaydah says he experienced in CIA custody, defense lawyers said on Thursday.

The treatment of Zubaydah, who lost one eye and was waterboarded 83 times in a single month while held by the CIA, according to government documents, has been the focus of speculation for years.

"We submitted 116 pages in 10 separate submissions," Joe Margulies, Zubaydah’s lead defense lawyer, told Reuters. "The government declared all of it classified."

Margulies and lawyers for other detainees said that the decision showed that the Obama administration plans to continue declaring detainees’ accounts of their own torture classified."


File: 1441887528608.jpg -(41.00 kB, 594x444)
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"Smoking cigarettes is universally regarded as bad for health, but not everybody who smokes develops cancer or other diseases linked to the habit. New research shows that a proportion of lifelong smokers live to extreme ages despite the long list of negative effects cigarettes have on the body.

Researchers found a set of genetic markers that promote longevity in cells and mitigate damage to them, which may be the explanation for preventing diseases tied to cell dysfunction.

"Many of these markers are in pathways that were discovered to be important for aging and lifespan in animal models," said Dr. Morgan Levine, a researcher at the University of California Los Angeles, in a press release. "There is evidence that these genes may facilitate lifespan extension by increasing cellular maintenance and repair. Therefore, even though some individuals are exposed to high levels of biological stressors, like those found in cigarette smoke, their bodies may be better set up to cope with and repair the damage.""


File: 1441808246294.jpg -(136.95 kB, 620x422)
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" Senior political figures involved in the Iraq War have now submitted their responses to criticisms leveled at them in the as yet unpublished Chilcot report under the controversial Maxwellization process, it is reported.

Sir John Chilcot, the former civil servant who heads the inquiry, has confirmed to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee that the final responses from those criticized in the report have now been received in line with Maxwellization (a process by which people criticized in an official inquiry are given an opportunity to read and respond to the criticisms before the report’s publication).

“In my statement I said that the inquiry expected to receive the last Maxwell response shortly. I am pleased to confirm that it has now done so,” Chilcot said in his letter to foreign affairs committee chair Crispin Blunt.

“There is, inevitably, further work for my colleagues and I to do to evaluate those submissions, which are detailed and substantial, in order to establish with confidence the time needed to complete the inquiry’s remaining work."


File: 1441722755713.jpg -(38.32 kB, 600x461)
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"Two British citizens fighting for terrorist group ISIS in Syria were killed in an RAF drone strike on 21 August.

The Register understands it is the first time British nationals have been targeted and killed in a strike by an RAF Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle.

The deceased British passport holders were revealed to be Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin from Aberdeen.

Both were targeted in Raqqa, the Prime Minister revealed to MPs, noting that the strike also killed a third fighter who it may be assumed did not hold British citizenship.

David Cameron told the House of Commons that the legality of the operation was founded upon "the UK's inherent right to self-defence", although the legal advice provided to the government by the Attorney General will not be released."


File: 1441631708834.jpg -(69.17 kB, 550x409)
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"French President Francois Hollande announced Monday he ordered preparations to begin for airstrikes on Islamic State militants, joining the United States in the ongoing effort to quash the extremist group in Syria.

As Hollande grapples with the flood of migrants from the Middle East and the ongoing threat of terrorism, he said reconnaissance flights will begin over Syria on Tuesday to help plan the strikes. He said several factors, including the foiled terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train in August and the flood of migrants trying to escape the extremist group, has driven his decision."


File: 1441548314524.jpg -(66.77 kB, 600x418)
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" The EPA’s office of environmental health hazard assessment in California wants to label four chemicals, including the most popular herbicide and key ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundrup, glyphosate, as “known to cause cancer,” following the most recent WHO cancer research division’s report.

The “notice of intent” envisions placing Glyphosate within 30 days to the list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer, classification of which falls under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, or the Proposition 65. Under the Act any chemicals that threatens human life require a businesses to provide a "clear and reasonable" warning label before exposing individuals to a chemical on the list."


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