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File: 1438349735335.jpg -(90.58 kB, 600x450)
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"The American Psychological Association might soon institute a ban on the participation of its mental health professionals in federal terror-related interrogations -- following a report this month that claimed the administration of President George W. Bush was assisted in that regard to glean intelligence from suspects following 9/11.

The APA's board plans to recommend a tough ethics reform at the association's annual three-day meeting in Toronto next month -- which will then be up to its members to approve, The New York Times reported Thursday.

If accepted, the ban would seek to prevent APA psychologists from aiding federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies whatsoever in the interrogations of terror suspects -- which would amount to a break in the relationship between the psychological association and the U.S. intelligence community that some experts say goes as far back as World War I."


File: 1438175414452.jpg -(31.93 kB, 473x355)
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"Beginning Wednesday, about 600 million registered users of Windows 7 and 8 will be able to upgrade to Microsoft's newest Windows 10 free of charge over the Internet."


File: 1438093409293.jpg -(289.31 kB, 940x635)
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"Foreigners must not be able to buy UK homes with "plundered or laundered cash" as part a global effort to defeat corruption, David Cameron has said.

Speaking in Singapore, the prime minister vowed to expose the use of "anonymous shell companies" to buy luxury UK properties - often in London."


File: 1438001802683.jpg -(50.99 kB, 500x330)
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"After launching a second wave of airstrikes against the positions of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, effectively ending a fragile two-year truce, Turkey has announced that it is calling a NATO meeting next week to discuss regional security concerns.

Ankara sent bombers on a mission for a second night on Sunday to annihilate logistics positions, warehouses, barracks and PKK bases in northern Iraq. Ankara has claimed it is retaliation for PKK attacks against security forces and police last week. The country has subsequently called a NATO meeting to discuss its security concerns not only about Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) but the PKK as well.

Four Turkish F-16 fighters took off from the Diyarbakir air base and hit PKK targets in Hakurk in northern Iraq, the sources told Reuters. Local media reports confirmed the airstrikes.

“At around 9:00pm (6:00pm GMT), Turkish planes started bombing some of our positions in two areas [north of Dohuk and north of Arbil]”, a spokesman for the PKK in Iraq, Bakhtiar Dogan, told AFP."


File: 1437571916438.jpg -(45.27 kB, 740x216)
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"Several car infotainment systems are vulnerable to a hack attack that could potentially put lives at risk, a leading security company has said.

NCC Group said the exploit could be used to seize control of a vehicle's brakes and other critical systems.

The Manchester-based company told the BBC it had found a way to carry out the attacks by sending data via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio signals.

It coincides with news of a similar flaw discovered by two US researchers.

Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller showed Wired magazine that they could take control of a Jeep Cherokee car by sending data to its internet-connected entertainment and navigation system via a mobile-phone network."


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File: 1437976838776.jpg -(32.53 kB, 400x300)

File: 1437832482604.jpg -(90.17 kB, 600x427)
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"A contentious bill that may keep states from enacting local GMO laws, instead creating a federal “voluntary labeling” standard, has passed a House vote. The bill also regulates the use of the term “natural” on food labels.
Following a 275-150 vote on Thursday, the bipartisan bill is heading for the Senate. If enacted into law, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act would create a voluntary GMO-free certification program overseen by the US Department of Agriculture, and override any state and local GMO labeling laws.

The legislation preempts any state and local restrictions and labeling requirements for genetically modified organisms, foods containing GMOs, as well as non-GMO and “natural” food."


File: 1437656061964.jpg -(197.16 kB, 621x514)
201892 No.13756   [Reply]

" Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari warned Washington on Wednesday that a US refusal to arm his troops because of "so-called human rights violations" only helps Boko Haram.

The 72-year-old former general has been warmly received in the US capital on his first visit since his March election raised hopes of reform in Africa's troubled giant.

But he departs with little practical military assistance in his battle against the Islamist militants who have turned the northeast of his country into a bloody war zone.

The US government has vowed to help Nigeria defeat the insurgency but it is prohibited under law from sending weapons to countries that fail to tackle human rights abuses."


File: 1437484266376.jpg -(136.98 kB, 600x411)
140264 No.13754   [Reply]

"The nearly 50-year-old California bridge that collapsed Sunday earned an 'A' rating last year from the Federal Highway Administration, indicating it should have been able to easily withstand the floodwaters that brought it down.

The Tex Wash Bridge, the main thoroughfare between Southern California and Phoenix built in 1967, was given a "sufficiency rating" of 91.5 out of 100 in the Federal Highway Administration's review. The eastbound section of Southern California's Interstate 10, near the Arizona state line, also had one of the highest possible flood safety ratings, meaning it should have withstood torrential rain and flooding without significant problems.

Sunday, the bridge collapsed when five inches of rain fell in the desert, just east of the Coachella Valley. Rushing floodwaters eroded the dirt and foundation, causing the bridge to crumble. One person was injured."


File: 1437400072026.jpg -(175.10 kB, 1200x827)
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"Leaked e-mails from the Italy-based computer and network surveillance company Hacking Team show that the company developed a piece of rugged hardware intended to attack computers and mobile devices via Wi-Fi. The capability, marketed as part of the company's Remote Control System Galileo, was shown off to defense companies at the International Defense Exposition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in February, and it drew attention from a major defense contractor."


File: 1437397577851.jpg -(191.91 kB, 800x630)
196519 No.13752   [Reply]

"At least eight Afghan soldiers have been killed in a US air strike on an army checkpoint in Logar province, south of Kabul, Afghan officials say.

They say two US helicopters attacked the checkpoint in broad daylight on Monday. Several troops were injured.

The defence ministry said the helicopters returned fire after being attacked by insurgents on the ground.

The army commander in the area told the BBC that the checkpoint was clearly flying an Afghan flag."


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