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"Germany and a handful of other European Union states cannot go on absorbing a disproportionate share of refugees arriving in the bloc and other members must do more, a government spokesman said on Sunday.

Germany expects the number of asylum seekers it receives to quadruple to about 800,000 this year. Two state premiers said over the weekend the total could even hit 1 million in 2015.

"Germany and a few other countries are by far ... those that receive the most refugees," government spokesman Steffen Seibert told a news conference. "With 28 European member states, that cannot remain the case on a continuing basis. There will have to be a fairer distribution of refugees, with more solidarity."

Some European governments have refused to take in refugees and resisted EU proposals to agree a common plan to do more to deal with the crisis, which is intensifying due to a surge in migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa, Asia and the Middle East."


File: 1440941645693.jpg -(77.33 kB, 600x391)
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"Thousands of people have protested outside of Japan's parliament against new legislation that would allow the military to deploy overseas.

The changes would allow Japanese troops to fight abroad for the first time since World War Two.

The legislation has already been passed by Japan's lower house and is expected to be endorsed by the upper chamber.

Under its constitution, Japan is barred from using force to resolve conflicts except in cases of self-defence.

But a reinterpretation of the law will now allow "collective self-defence" - using force to defend allies under attack."


File: 1440769175387.jpg -(179.49 kB, 580x435)
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" The Pentagon has spent nearly $4 billion fighting Islamic State across Syria and Iraq since operations began a year ago, according to statistics released this week. The average daily cost of the campaign is $9.9 million, or $6,785 a minute.

A colossal $3.7 billion in expenses have been racked up since the campaign began on August 8, 2014 up to August 15 of this year."


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and what have they achieved? apparently the might of the US military cant beat some goat fuckers driving round in landcruisers with some stolen rifles.

File: 1440766919845.jpg -(119.66 kB, 1484x1089)
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"President Barack Obama on Thursday observed the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's decimation of New Orleans, and praised the city for its dramatic recovery in the decade that followed the worst weather disaster in American history."


File: 1440595418818.jpg -(72.74 kB, 575x450)
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"A Las Vegas man has pleaded guilty to fraud and criminal contempt after he sent more than 27 million spam messages through Facebook.

Sanford Wallace, who is known as the "Spam King", faces a maximum prison sentence of three years and a fine of $250,000 (£160,000).

Wallace tricked people into revealing their login details which he then used to access half a million accounts.

He then used those accounts to send spam to other Facebook users."


File: 1440335760118.jpg -(459.82 kB, 1024x883)
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"Ashley Madison is facing a C$760m ($576m; £367m) class-action lawsuit after customer data from the infidelity dating website was leaked onto the so-called dark web last week.

Two Canadian firms - Charney Lawyers and Sutts, Strosberg LLP - are bringing the action against Avid Dating Life and Avid Media, which run the site.

They said they were acting on behalf on "all Canadians" affected by the breach."


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File: 1440575000972.jpg -(3.67 kB, 162x204)
>Charney Lawyers and Sutts, Strosberg LLP

File: 1440512394487.jpg -(48.55 kB, 599x433)
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"In one of the more salient exchanges, according to KrebsOnSecurity, Ashley Madison's Chief Technology Officer Raja Bhatia apparently e-mailed Biderman in 2012 to tell him that he had discovered a security hole in a site called nerve.com, which operated a dating platform that was an Ashley Madison competitor at the time. A few months before, Nerve had approached Ashley Madison's parent company, Avid Life Media, with an offer to partner with the company. E-mails suggested that Bhatia offered at least $20 million for Nerve and another website called flirts.com, but Ashley Madison ended up declining pursuit of the deal.

When Bhatia started probing Nerve's site for weaknesses, however, he found some interesting things. As he wrote to Biderman, “They did a very lousy job building their platform. I got their entire user base. Also, I can turn any non paying user into a paying user, vice versa, compose messages between users, check unread stats, etc.” Bhatia included a link to a sample of the database, apparently.

Six months later, ahead of a meeting with representatives from Nerve, Biderman asked Bhatia, “Should I tell them of their security hole?” If there was a response, it did not take place over e-mail."


File: 1440424134762.jpg -(194.15 kB, 960x630)
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"U.S. officials knew of the potential for a catastrophic "blowout" of poisonous wastewater from an inactive gold mine, yet appeared to have only a cursory plan to deal with such an event when a government cleanup team triggered a 3-million-gallon spill, according to internal documents released by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA released the documents late Friday following weeks of prodding from The Associated Press and other media organizations."


File: 1440164791603.jpg -(378.45 kB, 720x569)
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"A second group of rebel fighters trained in Turkey by the U.S.-led coalition could be deployed to Syria within weeks as part of a campaign to push Islamic State insurgents away from the border, diplomatic sources told Reuters on Friday.

The United States and Turkey plan to provide air cover for what Washington judges to be moderate Syrian rebels, in a joint operation to flush Islamic State from a rectangle of border territory roughly 80 km (50 miles) long. U.S. jets have already begun air strikes from Turkish bases in advance of the campaign.

Diplomats familiar with the plans say cutting Islamic State's access to the Turkish border, across which the radical insurgent group has been able to bring foreign fighters and supplies, could be a game-changer.

But the plans have been beset by difficulties."


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