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File: 1477184227259.jpg -(117.78 kB, 545x821)
120611 No.3894   [Reply]

I did a reverse google search and all that showed up was the wiki page for "thigh". Also searched up "eagles nest photography" and got a bunch of irrelevant shit

>> No.3896  
File: 1480372769926.jpg -(150.13 kB, 581x819)

Yemaya Rose?

http://westrange.tumblr.com/archive/2014/12 has a few more images and I think this is the Eagle's nest:

File: 1475644707708.png -(29.16 kB, 650x650)
29864 No.3891   [Reply]

does anybody remember a script for wakachan and other similar boards that you could add to firefox to improve browsing? I could have sworn this existed somewhere.

>> No.3892  

This might be it http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/23705

>> No.3893  

thanks, anon.

File: 1383023756522.jpg -(393.92 kB, 750x1000)
403370 No.3367   [Reply]

Anyone know her?

>> No.3368  


>> No.3547  

Someone must know who she is?

>> No.3552  

Dude, is Macklemore.

>> No.3553  

Danni Daniels. Transexxual performer

>> No.3554  
File: 1438551671799.gif -(898.33 kB, 200x200)

aka Macklemore.

>> No.3872  

the grammy winning rapper is a tranny?!?

>> No.3873  
File: 1466807947676.jpg -(41.23 kB, 540x471)


File: 1455620557139.png -(80.12 kB, 264x266)
82038 No.3781   [Reply]

to be requesting pix of amaneka machbuster from 'akatsuki no amaneka to aoi kyojin' as an adult. in the game she is only 14, but i want her aged to 21, or at least 18 - with c cup or larger breasts. hentai would be cool, especially if she had nice muff, either well manicured or 'all natural' and bushy. If somebody has pix of amaneka as a milf (40 or older) that would be totally hot!!

>> No.3842  
File: 1461911819116.png -(10.54 kB, 211x246)
>> No.3846  

instead of muff i should said pubes

File: 1438388601543.jpg -(396.96 kB, 1167x1000)
406483 No.3549   [Reply]

Before I posted this here I did try TinEye and SauceNAO with no luck. Does anyone know who she is and where she is from? I really need the help with this and thank you.

>> No.3551  
File: 1438398570980.jpg -(711.96 kB, 2556x1836)
>did try TinEye and SauceNAO

You forgot IQDB and Google image search, both give you the answer with the first result.
iqdb leads to https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/4658423
google leads to http://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=dungeon_and_fighter

I put it though sourceNAO too, which gives the same damn result with a direct link to the artists pixiv. God damn, Hanssen.

tl;dr: Dungeon & Fighter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Fighter_Online

>> No.3555  

And then we didn't see him again for another 4 years. And lo, the autism chronicles continue.

>> No.3772  

This is Chris Hanssen here. I just forgot I asked this and sometime other sites will not answer but this one did and for that I am thankful for the links and the help. I didn't appreciate the comment of "the autism chronicles continue."

>> No.3779  
File: 1455469867140.gif -(1.25 MB, 350x308)


File: 1454893754574.jpg -(19.93 kB, 748x103)
20408 No.3774   [Reply]

Does anyone know who the babe is on the right side of the picture? The one with the tattoo and reverse cowgirl the guy. Thanks.

File: 1453281055170.jpg -(1.02 MB, 2131x3000)
1069497 No.3750   [Reply]

I have a new translation of a Shana doujin that I'd like to see done before Valentines Day. If you're interested in editing or typesetting please let me know.



File: 1449900427905.png -(426.50 kB, 603x768)
436739 No.3695   [Reply]

www.wakachan.org is down! and that's the board where the error reporting is!

>> No.3699  
File: 1450131743825.jpg -(296.74 kB, 1034x1500)

Shanachan has a report button, though it's a little hidden. Click the check box on a post, then select "report" at the bottom of the page. Someone might check it maybe.

>> No.3717  


>> No.3729  
File: 1452251149135.png -(820.56 kB, 1000x800)

Heads-up for anyone who's interested: 4chan has a "worksafe requests" board now.


File: 1447378342266.jpg -(46.74 kB, 375x580)
47864 No.3650   [Reply]

to be looking for this doujinshi or manga. at least the part containing the hot lady on the cover anyway.

>> No.3652  

It's 'Comic AG Super Erotic Manga Anthology vol. 35', haven't found any scans, but you can buy it here: https://jlist.com/ag035

>> No.3654  

Unless the lady is in the "Captured - Yuuki" part - which I couldn't find - then she isn't in the anthology at all and we've been deceived.

Marshmallow Honeymoon http://g.e-hentai.org/g/25732/f61ff181c5/

Anzu blah blah - http://g.e-hentai.org/g/76675/70f79aa268/

Blue Eyes (lots of these, this is just Vol 1) - http://g.e-hentai.org/g/84249/2b506a9bba/

Captured - ???

Sexy Losers (essentially a shitty oglaf) - http://g.e-hentai.org/g/221516/61d74055b6/

>> No.3656  

Yeah, going by these earlier issues: http://g.e-hentai.org/?f_manga=1&f_search=super+erotic the cover isn't necessarily related to the stories, though it's sometimes made by one of the included artists.

>> No.3658  

well, that would be bogus. if she isn't even in the manga then it's probly a good thing i didn't buy it. though i certainly wouldn't mind being captured by her!

File: 1333635473020.jpg -(92.39 kB, 768x1024)
94607 No.2689   [Reply]

anyone have her?

pb id iloveadmir

>> No.2691  

nsfw links

>> No.3642  

U still have that link?

>> No.3644  

The photobucket link still works.

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