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File: 1368995342743.jpg -(50.12 kB, 329x569)
51318 No.3273   [Reply]

Can someone shoop in a dick aimed at her face?
Please and thanks :3

>> No.3306  
File: 1373702097868.jpg -(17.72 kB, 423x512)

Here, now just take a screenshot.

File: 1372110410675.jpg -(72.51 kB, 800x600)
74250 No.3302   [Reply]

Anyone know the name of these hentai's?

>> No.3303  
File: 1372110444066.jpg -(149.85 kB, 800x600)
>> No.3304  


Both found by searching the images with SauceNAO and then putting the titles into VNDB.

File: 1370823124866.jpg -(381.49 kB, 1199x1199)
390644 No.3288   [Reply]

Does anyone know if this comes from a game or some art gallery, and also where it can be found for download?

>> No.3289  
File: 1370823148275.jpg -(203.38 kB, 1170x723)
>> No.3290  

It's album art, http://floatingfragmentz.tumblr.com/

>> No.3292  


Aw, too bad, I was hoping for pics of the Demon girl banging the other girl (who looks suspiciously like Belldandy)

>> No.3293  

Thanks for the help though

>> No.3294  
File: 1371075778199.jpg -(334.15 kB, 863x1200)

I spent about 20 more seconds researching and noticed the full image on the artists pixiv (which was linked on the tumblr page) http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=35302657 Going by the tags, I'd say you were right in that character being Belldandy.

>> No.3295  



File: 1370230904079.jpg -(229.04 kB, 960x720)
234540 No.3274   [Reply]

Could someone make a gif out of this so it looks lie she is jerking that cock off?
Please and thanks if you can!!!!

>> No.3276  
File: 1370265299143.jpg -(225.19 kB, 960x720)

Heres the orginal if you want to start from scratch, i also have more if you guys want a different pic,
Thanks again!

>> No.3277  

Awfully familiar request... https://shanachan.org/req/res/3216.html

>> No.3285  

it be hepfull if you post pic with only her hand in it then nother pic with only the cock

>> No.3286  
File: 1370813035829.jpg -(15.03 kB, 423x512)

Mieh. Its the best i can do

>> No.3287  

Well you could always just use another dick and hand.

File: 1370241352829.jpg -(278.85 kB, 499x748)
285543 No.3275   [Reply]

to be requesting hentai of otsuru from genzo hitogata kiwa. here be one nude fanart, but that all i find!


File: 1368502565419.png -(251.58 kB, 259x516)
257613 No.3270   [Reply]

anyone know who this girl is

File: 1366939332440.jpg -(56.09 kB, 640x480)
57437 No.3265   [Reply]

Anyone have more similar images in that position?

>> No.3266  


>> No.3267  

Also, http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/index?tags=top-down_bottom-up

>> No.3268  

or if you want pixiv:

File: 1366750742211.jpg -(14.25 kB, 431x353)
14587 No.3264   [Reply]

Sorry... Where to find this movie?

File: 1366467963464.png -(1.03 MB, 807x687)
1081074 No.3257   [Reply]

SAUCE please

>> No.3259  


IQDB leg me here http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1235320 where someone said it was from a manga called 'Bidet' from there I poped over to exhentai and typed in Bidet, then I chose the English one, changed the URL to g.E-Hentai et voilà.

>> No.3260  


>> No.3261  
File: 1366489250251.png -(118.61 kB, 363x353)

thanks !!

>> No.3262  

Oh wow what a blast from the past. I think this is one of the first doujins ive ever read. It was posted on 4chan, of course.

No.2204   [Reply]

If anyone could help me find the other 13 pages from Dragonsabre, which is the newest work from Gary Roberts, I'd be very appreciative.

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>> No.2326  

I have 275 and 276 if Kip's still willing to trade.

>> No.2330  

Man, you're such a shining example of selfishness. What's so wrong with sharing these with us?

>> No.2337  

I agree with this person. I mean come on, you're on the request board and you're not willing to share anything?

I cant rap my head around this shit >.<

>> No.2338  

Strange that some people can't find happiness in this world without taking it from others... Even then they aren't really happy - just spitefull empty vessels. Ugly souls. Hearts that have not felt the warmth of intimacy.

I'm not mad at him for not sharing the images with the polite people on this board that have requested them respectfully. I just wish I knew how we as a society, community, civilzation, could unmake what he has become in his life.

>> No.2343  

>>2338 While I agree with you, d'ya think you could be a little less emo please?

>> No.2344  

yeah sure, here it goes. Fuck that guy for holding out like a bitch.

>> No.2349  

Looks like douche or somone else deleted his posts. Wouldn't suprise me if it was the douche himself. Once he realized how much of a fucking douche he was.

Coming on a request/share board not willing to share any content, up yours man.

>> No.2353  

>>2349 Well, the only thing I deleted were the NSFW images.

So, wasn't me.

>> No.2356  

He hasn't responded (the douche that has the pictures but won't post them.) Maybe he died. People die all the time after all. I hope he died. From cancer. In his ass.

>> No.3258  


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