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File: 1388726892481.jpg -(192.43 kB, 600x900)
197048 No.3378   [Reply]

Thread for translation requests.
Can anyone translate this for me?

File: 1388205186535.gif -(367.11 kB, 292x500)
375925 No.3377   [Reply]

Been searching all around for this, but all the links keep getting killed. Could anyone upload it?

File: 1384390830075.jpg -(204.43 kB, 1280x960)
209341 No.3369   [Reply]

Anyone knows the name of the CG set this picture comes from? A dl link would be nice too.

>> No.3370  
File: 1384390896029.jpg -(140.95 kB, 1024x768)

Here is another picture.

>> No.3371  
File: 1384541713793.jpg -(45.27 kB, 720x540)

It's Tokiha Mai from My-HiME. That and this website with a few similar images are all I can find from a simple google search/saucenao.

Lots of stuff that could be from the same/similar artists here too http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Mai_Tokiha/1

File: 1382423715126.jpg -(131.28 kB, 1280x720)
134435 No.3365   [Reply]

Need sauce for this anime badly, please help.

>> No.3366  

It's from this episode of gay basketball anime http://kazesubs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/kuroko-no-basket-episode-28.html

File: 1382225012686.jpg -(389.44 kB, 688x1000)
398789 No.3364   [Reply]

Anyone knows which doujin this picture is from? Been looking for it for several months.

File: 1380544432176.jpg -(28.79 kB, 298x400)
29478 No.3334   [Reply]

Looking for the PDF of this book, "The Better Built Bondage Book", does anybody have it?

File: 1379081014253.jpg -(269.85 kB, 950x713)
276328 No.3331   [Reply]

Since we seem to have a fair amount of bondage enthusiasts here. I was wondering if any of you have or know of a video clip from awhile back that I have been trying to find. It was basically five minutes of two girls cleave gagged on a bed trying to escape. It was very much home made and had lots of gag talk. In the end one escaped and started tickling the other.

File: 1370516050457.jpg -(551.83 kB, 750x1172)
565074 No.3278   [Reply]

Does anyone have this doujin? I've been looking everywhere for it, but no avail.

>> No.3279  

Large portion is on the artists pixiv http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=35238768

>> No.3280  

Thank you, although I was hoping for more than that. That was all I found too.

>> No.3281  

OP here. I found this. I can't figure it out though. Any help would be very much appreciated.


>> No.3296  


I can't get it either but here's the download links. The passwords don't work unless they have to be typed in japanese and I can't try that.

Number 8 here:

don't know what to type in the box here:

up4214.zip here:

download link but it's not working:

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>> No.3298  
File: 1371125264478.jpg -(183.64 kB, 954x913)

here's another image.

>> No.3308  
File: 1374416819751.jpg -(642.35 kB, 777x1096)

OP of this thread here. The artist uploaded something new.

>> No.3325  


Only thing I can find for the second one.

>> No.3330  
File: 1378723250445.jpg -(272.60 kB, 1009x1504)

Apparently someone has the doujin. Hope someone here can find it.

File: 1377269488693.jpg -(20.60 kB, 480x360)
21090 No.3326   [Reply]

I've hunted High and Low.... Does anyone know where I can download the CG Pack to Hadaka Shitsuji??

>> No.3329  

Thanks. I had actually been to that website the day before and downloaded all files but it was background images, etc etc, but now that I checked today, it had a new file on the top with the CG pack, so thanks. ^^

File: 1376926938918.jpg -(90.87 kB, 506x648)
93048 No.3323   [Reply]

Where can I download this textbook for free?

Title = Environment: The Science Behind The Stories 4th Edition
Authors = Jay Withgott and Scott Brennan
ISBN = 9780321715340

>> No.3328  

Here is a extensive list of websites that offer textbook downloads http://www.reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/hrgmv/tracker_with_pdfsebooks_of_college_textbooks/c1xrq44

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