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File: 1352358220434.jpg -(35.33 kB, 848x480)
36181 No.3074   [Reply]

There was this guy who went by the name 'Yoshitoshi' who drew some funny pictures and a comic about a stick girl on the oekaki sites of iichan several years ago, maybe before or during 2007. Does anyone have any info on him, or know where I can see more of his stuff, his deviantart, maybe a gallery of his?

>> No.3075  

Man, that's a difficult one, especially since Yoshitoshi is the name of a pretty popular guy in the anime industry who does oekaki drawings...

In my search I found something funny though, is this your deviant art page? http://x0-000.deviantart.com/

>> No.3076  

I should really watch Serial Experiments Lain.

>> No.3077  

I also strongly recommend NieA7 and Haibane Renmei.

>> No.3079  

Are you talking about Yoshitoshi ABe? The guy im looking of I think was working as a professional toner, but hes not ABe


>> No.3098  
File: 1354385982699.png -(9.18 kB, 400x400)

I have a bit of the stick stuff archived, uploaded it for someone asking about it in /r/ some time ago. You the same guy?

>> No.3099  

Yeah but I think I lost your stick archive.

>> No.3100  

Looks like it's still up at mediafire:

>> No.3384  
File: 1393177188162.jpg -(70.68 kB, 500x500)

How cute, someone is looking for me. :)
I'm sorry to disappoint tho, I've never done anything similar, neither before nor since. It's cool that you asked for this stuff however and even more so that someone actually bothered to save it, because I was looking for it myself. So thanks guys for indulging my nostalgia.

File: 1392685087566.gif -(868.00 B, 35x35)
868 No.3382   [Reply]

Looking for a single-panel comic I saw once that showed a weather news chart predicting snow and such, and in front of it a stereotypical black metal band (think Immortal) is singing about "eternal freezing winter" or something along those lines. Thanks.

>> No.3383  
File: 1392685993999.jpg -(98.35 kB, 646x454)

can't delete, so

File: 1391029672649.jpg -(17.59 kB, 527x396)
18013 No.3381   [Reply]

Where do I find this full video?

>> No.3402  


File: 1388882295822.jpg -(428.92 kB, 905x1246)
439218 No.3379   [Reply]

can somebody photoshop mio's boobs in this pic so they have normal nipples instead of those huge ass, grotesque things and also make them so they are fuller and more perky and instead of saggy and droopy?

File: 1388726892481.jpg -(192.43 kB, 600x900)
197048 No.3378   [Reply]

Thread for translation requests.
Can anyone translate this for me?

File: 1388205186535.gif -(367.11 kB, 292x500)
375925 No.3377   [Reply]

Been searching all around for this, but all the links keep getting killed. Could anyone upload it?

File: 1384390830075.jpg -(204.43 kB, 1280x960)
209341 No.3369   [Reply]

Anyone knows the name of the CG set this picture comes from? A dl link would be nice too.

>> No.3370  
File: 1384390896029.jpg -(140.95 kB, 1024x768)

Here is another picture.

>> No.3371  
File: 1384541713793.jpg -(45.27 kB, 720x540)

It's Tokiha Mai from My-HiME. That and this website with a few similar images are all I can find from a simple google search/saucenao.

Lots of stuff that could be from the same/similar artists here too http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Mai_Tokiha/1

File: 1382423715126.jpg -(131.28 kB, 1280x720)
134435 No.3365   [Reply]

Need sauce for this anime badly, please help.

>> No.3366  

It's from this episode of gay basketball anime http://kazesubs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/kuroko-no-basket-episode-28.html

File: 1382225012686.jpg -(389.44 kB, 688x1000)
398789 No.3364   [Reply]

Anyone knows which doujin this picture is from? Been looking for it for several months.

File: 1380544432176.jpg -(28.79 kB, 298x400)
29478 No.3334   [Reply]

Looking for the PDF of this book, "The Better Built Bondage Book", does anybody have it?

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