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File: 1244695886072.jpg -(242.42 kB, 480x640)
248236 No.5353   [Reply]

The cover is cheating (in some meaning)

>> No.5354  
File: 1244695976204.jpg -(244.79 kB, 640x480)

Actually just 2 pages about shana in the magazine. Nice Itou's Shana though.

>> No.5355  
File: 1244696171896.jpg -(221.39 kB, 640x480)

New information will be release on 10th July, in leaflet Dengeki Kantume of new volume of Dengeki Bunko of July, as well as other anime information megazine.

>> No.5356  
File: 1244696566712.jpg -(245.65 kB, 640x480)

3rd artwork collection of Itou Noizi will release on 10/8/2009, the next day of her birthday.

2nd season anime information book with limited version DVD, and cheaper version of 1st season anime information book, will release at this year autumn.

Novel Vol. 19 will release on 10th Sep.

>> No.5357  
File: 1244696640863.jpg -(62.10 kB, 640x480)

Nice appendix. Super big size Shana poster, in swim suit just as cover.

>> No.5358  
File: 1244696944947.jpg -(249.21 kB, 640x640)

Nice appendix 2. Very short read-aloud light novel content drama CD, 26 titles in total. Shana's part is from Vol. 15, no Shana but Sale and Chiara.

>> No.5359  

thanx man for posting this

File: 1240405026181.jpg -(79.38 kB, 1280x720)
81280 No.5225   [Reply]

Does anyone know what happens after the last part in season 2? Some people say the manga goes further and Yuji is evil or something? Anyone or any sources?

>> No.5231  


>> No.5234  

Bump for last hope?
Btw you reckon that SnS 3rd might come out in Golden Week?

>> No.5236  
>Btw you reckon that SnS 3rd might come out in Golden Week?


>Yuji is evi


>> No.5237  

I was reading from another forum and there is a massive story from after season 2....It was good and bad...Bad that Yuji is stronger than Shana, try not to give it away though

>> No.5319  

It's not the manga, it's the light novel.

>> No.5320  

Yeh I know that know lol, It's easier and more force of habit to type manga rather then light novel.

>> No.5352  

Actually, novel goes WAAAAY farther
Have no fear though, aan anime sequel is on the way

File: 1244013693736.jpg -(174.73 kB, 733x1000)
178924 No.5333   [Reply]

I have been wondering, what type of sword is the Nietono no Shana? Because of the way it was drawn differently(in terms of size) in the manga and anime I'm not sure if its a katana or a larger type.

>> No.5334  

Katana, it gets mentioned in the anime that the Nietono No Shana is the katana she weilds

>> No.5337  
File: 1244059045277.jpg -(104.88 kB, 728x1050)

I remember Alastor called Nietono no Shana an odachi(or longsword as translated by the fansubbers) in the early eps. While I can consider that the sword is a katana, its pretty cool for me to see Shana holding a huge sword.

File: 1243840553148.jpg -(93.91 kB, 1280x720)
96162 No.5327   [Reply]

Is it just me that doesn't knows where to look, or is there a distinct lack of doujin scanlations? Only one I found so far translated is Itadaki! Flame Hazezu. Anyone can give me any pointers?

File: 1239381784881.jpg -(41.14 kB, 151x400)
42128 No.5172   [Reply]

I looking for this in high.

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>> No.5205  


>> No.5207  


to big for scanner also its a pillow

>> No.5219  

scanned part by part would do

>> No.5235  


>> No.5246  

if scanned part by part ... i can then assemble those parts within one picture with a program of mine ... but i need the borders of each part not to be included in the previous or next scan

>> No.5250  

anyome know if there's anywhere I can buy either of these cases?

>> No.5252  

sorry to tell ya this but this was a limited edition product that came with a magazine ... dengeki i believe ... the only way u can still get this is by lerking for those that sell it second-hand on e-bay etc.

>> No.5254  

Ya the last time I had seen it on ebay it was going for well over 100$. I actually got mine with the G's Festival, card holder, cell phone cleaner and the Azone Shana doll for about 73$. I have noooooooooo idea how I accomplished winning that for that cheap, but hey, I'm not complaining!

If I can figure out a way to scan it, I will, but the best I really can do at the moment would be to just take a few pictures of it and piece them together

>> No.5318  

I got one of those as well with the Dengeki G's festival issue. I was lucky that I still got it on Yahoo Auctions for about $60.

>> No.5323  


Here is new for 100 bucks. Not bad if you are desperate.

File: 1243385567978.jpg -(69.60 kB, 498x524)
71272 No.5321   [Reply]

А мне по нраву Торадора!

>> No.5322  
File: 1243387854563.jpg -(265.36 kB, 720x480)


File: 1238058686640.jpg -(49.09 kB, 511x535)
50269 No.5146   [Reply]

Shana is the most adorable anime character i've ever seen, though contributes Rie Kugimie's voice. ANyone agree with me?

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>> No.5151  
File: 1238146584597.jpg -(97.88 kB, 640x368)

oh man ... there are some scenes in the anime that left me with no words at all

>> No.5267  

Bumped for truth. <3

Also, the OP pic is my current laptop wallpaper.

>> No.5273  
File: 1241615777343.jpg -(12.80 kB, 200x271)

I wondering will Shana die?

>> No.5297  
File: 1242727770242.png -(221.10 kB, 832x1200)


>>Shana is the most adorable anime character i've ever seen, though contributes Rie Kugimie's voice. ANyone agree with me?

I agree!!!
I have fell in love with Shana (for 15498 time) after finding this image (btw artist is Ito Noizi herself)

>> No.5300  
File: 1242752645283.jpg -(344.85 kB, 1112x1600)


Wrong dude, it's Ayato Sasakura. Her works look pretty similar to Itou-sama nevertheless..

>> No.5305  

ohh really theor art look very similar. Thanks for the info!

>> No.5306  

MaidNiac, from what manga is that pic?

>> No.5307  

bamp for sauce of MaidNiac's uploaded pic

>> No.5315  
File: 1243168673942.jpg -(564.51 kB, 1585x1400)

>>5306 >>5307

Ayato Sasakura's Tyrant Punish.


>> No.5316  
File: 1243303621421.jpg -(20.49 kB, 400x353)

always liked blondies, never thought i'll ever make an exception for brunetts, not to mention that red hair style never thought would suit her that great, and the combination with red eyes simply awesome .... she looks ... perfect!!!

File: 1242635886627.jpg -(110.17 kB, 900x595)
112819 No.5295   [Reply]
>> No.5299  

"This is my final form."

>> No.5301  

WHAT the SHIT did you do to her legs?!

>> No.5302  

Retarded Shana >:U

>> No.5303  

omg...shana legs...lol xD

>> No.5308  

i loled ... 3 more leg pairs and looks like a spider

>> No.5309  

haha, y'all take this too seriously

>>WHAT the SHIT did you do to her legs?!

if that pisses you off, don't look at her arms

>> No.5310  

XD lol, No it doesn't piss me off, it freaks me out!! XD

>> No.5311  

i tell ya what op did ... he had 2 shana figures and assembled them in one

File: 1241942048916.png -(874.85 kB, 1024x768)
895851 No.5281   [Reply]

Shakugan no Shana Novel 19 appeared at the first of this month, anyone got a link to it's cover?

>> No.5282  

fake news
no related information till now

and dengekibunko never release on 1st of month
always release on 10

>> No.5283  


>> No.5284  

agree with you that gengeki's next number will be released on 10 like in every month, but was officially announced that will be published this month on 1st may

>> No.5285  

man you're a moron ... it's DENGEKI and i don't see anywhere officially announced though i c something at the right side of the page linked above a date 5.1.2009, but that's nothing much. It's pretty much clear that 19'th novel will be released soon.

>> No.5290  

it's just a template for vol. 19 at that wiki.
'いつか…出ると思いますよ' means the author doesn't know when will vol. 19 release. just think it will be released sometimes later.

when there's a new volume going to release, news will be available 3 months before at dengeki bootleg, an e-mail megazine, but not just few days before it release.

File: 1223102872950.jpg -(124.15 kB, 1280x1024)
127128 No.4729   [Reply]

since when did this forum start?

>> No.5166  

Before time began

>> No.5167  

according to the internet archive it was
March 6 2006

>> No.5169  
File: 1239111038534.jpg -(259.17 kB, 1600x1200)

let this board be here for as long as it can, in fact is the only board i've seen dedicated for Noizi Ito and he's special creation Shana-chan

>> No.5170  

sorry if my english not so good

>> No.5268  

You mean "her special creation" :p

Also, nice wall. Thanks for uploading it.

If you visit the last page you'll see it was around since at least Jan 27 2006.

>> No.5269  

Actually Jan 25th 2006 from http://shanachan.konosutekinabasho.net/sha/res/1.html

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