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File: 1192113632353.jpg -(119.56 kB, 700x525)
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>> No.3131  

I can't read that can anyone explain what it says?

>> No.3318  

釘宮病(くぎみやびょう、Kugimiya Disease)

It is formally said, "Cgimiya virus irritability cerebral cortex flame" because of one of the Japanese three major diseases by the Cgimiya disease virus. It doesn't go out of the region of the hypothesis by some still researchers though there is a voice that it is a virus that the ell Rick brother who was a national alchemist developed under utmost secrecy, too. The fatal disease, and the number of patients is said 100,000 people and one million people only in Japan, and exists in the increasing tendency every year. Moreover, it is assumed that patient's age group is also wide, in the under, there is an infection example on up to one's eighties since the first half in one's teens, and there can be even infecting the kindergartner depending on the expansion of the infection route, too. Recently, the infection example in foreign countries is reported, and it exists in an extremely serious situation. It is said that that Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever will be far exceeded.


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