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File: 1325522261713.jpg -(13.75 kB, 224x225)
14076 No.16180   [Reply]

Need Video Games Now! What do i do . Rob a bank http://goo.gl/kr1aO

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File: 1325713054787.jpg -(6.70 kB, 244x250)
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File: 1325797549549.png -(436.12 kB, 531x360)

File: 1325309090934.png -(74.43 kB, 382x288)
76214 No.16178   [Reply]

Guns being banned on XBLA avatars, since because fucking politically corectness. Now I honestly don't care, because I'm not a retarded faggot, and I don't have a 360 (360 has no games). But hey, maybe you scrubs care about this shit.


On an unrelated note, Valkyria Chronicles inconsistent difficulty is pissing me off. The second fight against Yeager is damn near unfair, where most of the game is a cakewalk.

>> No.16179  

Not in the least.

Though I do think it's pretty fucking dumb.

File: 1320890138428.png -(362.73 kB, 1000x1029)
371436 No.16096   [Reply]

I wish I had the killing floor.

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>> No.16110  

Hah that was holloween

>> No.16111  

Darn, should have asked for it then.

>> No.16113  

It never occurred to me.

>> No.16115  

Maybe later. To play it, I have to upgrade my PC. However, I'm still supporting PC gaming.

>> No.16123  
File: 1321446005642.jpg -(50.18 kB, 480x469)
>One of my friends send me a copy of the killing floor.

I still love you though

>> No.16124  

No.16123 Darn, I was hopping our arrangement would have led to sex

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>> No.16127  

Like this?

>> No.16132  



Now you're just fucking with me.

>> No.16172  


i lerned something new!

File: 1325023071696.jpg -(73.72 kB, 639x800)
75486 No.16170   [Reply]
>> No.16171  


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File: 1313036423681.png -(376.28 kB, 853x481)
385307 No.15885   [Reply]

Is there anything else about the game other than videos and pictures of Natsu, The Alexadras and that ZWEI guy? Will Amy be included? and if yes, Will she remain of the same age?

>> No.15915  

Tira, Maxi and Voldo have been confirmed.

>> No.15944  

>>15885 17 years later, yep, she would still be able to fight.

Also, there wasn;t any indication that she was effected by soul edges power DIRECTLY (see the effects it had on her adoptive father might have had pycoligical effects) so she probaly will have aged. Still would make her the youngest returnee.

>> No.15982  

wonder how being in his seventies will affect his crazy worm movements.

When I first learned SC5 was coming out 17 years after the other's events I really thought he'd be dead.

>> No.16000  
File: 1317358673832.png -(899.02 kB, 1360x768)

Astaroth confirmed. New character called Viola.

>> No.16001  

whats she sitting on, a giant queff bubble?
also, anyone else think she looks a bit like violette from odin sphere?

>> No.16070  

Dampierre and Ezio confirmed.

>> No.16071  
File: 1319353225847.png -(722.32 kB, 1360x768)

Leixia(pic related) and Raphael confirmed.

>> No.16157  
File: 1324272438034.png -(781.27 kB, 1360x768)

Lady Gaga confirmed.

>> No.16159  

I wasn't too impressed when they showed it at EVO, but lately the game is looking really solid.
This might just be my first SC game.

>> No.16169  

>>16157 That can't be lady gaga, that outfit isn't strange enough.

No.16161   [Reply]

hey any one else want to play this game

>> No.16162  


>> No.16163  


>> No.16165  

please im not spamming i just need a little help

>> No.16167  

I made a post saying I was going to ban you, I totally don't have that power on this board. :D

So I'll just say this, stfu. Minecraft costs fuck all, just pay for it.

>> No.16168  

I agree.

No.16164   [Reply]

i need one more point to get the minecraft code please im not spamming here i just need alittle help

File: 1324312989561.jpg -(74.88 kB, 700x105)
76679 No.16158   [Reply]


Let me tell you the story of Ascian. We started back in march this year. Back then I didn't really have anything in particular to do, and I felt like getting involved in something. So I started what we at first referred to as a "Neckbeard Gaming Community" by creating a thread on (the other) /v/. It was actually quite successful and we came up with the name Ascian (which means shadowless, it's a bit hipster-ish, I know) and I bought the domain "ascian.me". We were, and still are, using Skype as our main method of communication. Slowly people started dropping off and getting "dropped off" (kicked). We still had some core members, though, most of which are still left. Then in august, I think it was, we did another mass recruitment. We got a lot of new members, and of those the majority got kicked within the first few days or dropped off after a while, but we still got a few more core members.
We recently started a blog (ascian.me/blog) for gaming news. It actually did get quite some success and we earned some money from it that will be used to buy servers.
Now we are about 10 core members. By “core member” I mean a member that is active and online mostly every day. Most of us live in Europe (I actually purchased the domain ascian.eu, it might be useful), but we welcome people from nearly anywhere as long as they aren't faggots (unwanted scum, we'll know when we talk to them) and can speak decent English.
Now, we come to the point of this thread. We still have our core member base, but the community has stagnated a little bit. Well, not stagnated, but it would be nice to have some fresh people come in. As we are a little bit picky with the type of people we allow in (we don't just pick random teenagers off the streets because they like Halo), getting new members is a bit troublesome. That is why I am posting here.

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>> No.16160  
>Neckbeard Gaming Community


File: 1323384062655.png -(201.83 kB, 480x272)
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>> No.16152  
File: 1323384082326.png -(182.97 kB, 480x272)
>> No.16153  
File: 1323384096056.png -(203.93 kB, 480x272)
>> No.16154  

Yeah, well I can't play it.

>> No.16155  
File: 1323652583763.gif -(557.90 kB, 480x272)

Don't feel too bad, there's a lot of little kids (not the good loli variety) and beetles for some reason.

Also, animated version of the previous image since I've been playing around with gif optimization.

>> No.16156  

>>16155 Yeah, but... I'm big Railgun, Misaka, and Kuroko fan!


File: 1322949532377.jpg -(83.78 kB, 339x480)
85790 No.16149   [Reply]

can anyone rip the "black hole" audio from the game disk and upload it somewhere? i am changing the sounds on my pc and i can't find it anywhere on the web.

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