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File: 1328808147183.jpg -(79.94 kB, 650x392)
81863 No.16281   [Reply]

Day one buy for me.

>> No.16282  
File: 1328814704079.jpg -(153.90 kB, 837x470)

That game has some ridiculous numbers, but the Compile Heart game I'm looking forward to most is Touch Shot! TWO WEEKS…

>> No.16283  
File: 1328824172328.png -(25.25 kB, 632x793)

I-is that... real?

>> No.16284  
File: 1328840894312.jpg -(79.93 kB, 837x598)

yep, it's real

>> No.16286  

>>16284 That... is... WOW. WTF!? WHY!? WHAT'S THE POINT!?


Also, holy shit, was that Norio Wakamoto I heard?!

File: 1328336365385.png -(993.09 kB, 1024x1496)
1016924 No.16262   [Reply]

The guy with the 5 maids in pokemon mansion. How much clearer can you get?

>> No.16263  

Meant to post in the other thread?

>> No.16264  

I never got that! How to you get to meet the mansion owner?

File: 1328229938666.jpg -(159.94 kB, 1280x768)
163783 No.16248   [Reply]

Almost finished with Half life 2. I might stream Hl2: ep 1...

File: 1328190090867.png -(1.26 MB, 903x629)
1324511 No.16243   [Reply]

Oh Guild Wars, you still make me laugh.

File: 1328129183551.png -(175.78 kB, 787x421)
179996 No.16242   [Reply]

Completed Cybernator the other day. Really fun little run 'n' gun/shmup. Actually, just being both a run 'n' gun and a shmup makes it good; there's variety to the gameplay (run 'n' gun sections, shmup sections, zero gravity run 'n' gun/shmup sections, boss fights in all three styles). The art is really cool too, it's that gritty/cumbersome/believable 80s-90s sci-fi like Cowboy Bebop or Virus.

File: 1327981758081.jpg -(267.12 kB, 1920x1200)
273533 No.16241   [Reply]

2 October 1869 – 30 January 1948

File: 1327013546080.jpg -(16.48 kB, 250x250)
16872 No.16209   [Reply]

Hey, Tekken x Street Fighter's roster will be decided by the fans.


>> No.16210  
File: 1327017358876.jpg -(60.05 kB, 255x360)

I just want them to release Namco X Capcom in america.

>> No.16211  
File: 1327019345444.jpg -(51.88 kB, 598x448)

lol, learn some damn nihongo already.

>> No.16212  

This may come as a shock to you, but not everyone can learn a language easily. Also, learning to speak a language and learning to read a language are two different things, especially when it comes to languages with languages like Japanese. Japanese has three different alphabets. You need to know 3000 characters just to read a children's book.

And I speak coming from a country that has 12 different languages, and have a little knowledge of it. I know a little Japanese, a little Greek, I caught a little bit of Afrikaans and Zulu (Two of the local languages) and I STILL am only able to speak and read English fluently. I can barely read the two local languages and the other two when it comes to reading is almost a lost cause.

>> No.16213  
>You need to know 3000 characters just to read a children's book.

No, that would be totally fluent, beyond the level of many Japanese people in fact. The jouyou kanji (regular-use set) only number 2,136, though it's useful to know a few more for names. A first grader knows the 100 or so kana plus another 80 kanji from the kyouiku kanji (elementary school set). Learn a handful of characters on a daily basis and you can easily pick up that much in a couple months.

>> No.16215  

>>16211 Yeah? Okay, let's say for arguments sake I do that and that you are serious(seems as if you're only half joking. BTW, is that you coax?).

I have learned the various kanji, katakana, hiragana and what have you. First though, I will have had to learn to speak it because that would be easier for me and made it easier to the written form.

Now that I have done that, I will need to either buy a computer that can support a PS2 emulator(so far, nothing but 2D games can run on mine), or buy something to break the region lock on my PS2(forgot what it's called, the device to do that).

Now, seeing as the latter is cheaper, let's say I went with that. And let's say I did it right instead of destroying my PS2 like I probably would. Now I need to find a japanese copy probably costing over one-hundred dollars U.S.(and expensive shipping if it needs to be imported).

Now, let's say it's the several weeks later and I have it. How much time and money have I spent for a game that should have been translated into my language a long time ago? A lot. I am poor.

>> No.16216  

hehe, yeah it's me, I just like mess with you sometimes. Though I was kinda half-serious, you've been into this stuff for how many years now?

Although there is an English patch for the game, but obviously that would require either a PS2 that can play burned disks or an emulator as well.

And they're called modchips, there's also disk swapping methods that work too, look up Swap Magic.

>> No.16217  


>mod chips

yeah, that's it. I was gonna buy a swap magic, but...

I get your point, but ya know.

I do plan on learning to speak it some time, but reading it may be hard. I don't know if I could remember those symbols.

Oh, and I think I've been into it since I was 10.

>> No.16224  

Seriously, just look at this opening:


>> No.16239  

I played all of Namco X Capcom years ago when it came out, using a PS2 swap disk method. I hardly know any Japanese at all and just skipped past all the talking.

The game was mildly interesting for novelty, but all in all it's not that worthwhile. In fact, it kind of drags on for too many missions.

Also anyone who has played it will tell you the game was ridiculously broken. The final mission allows you to send out EVERY single character in the game for the fight. It's literally faster to send out KOS-MOS alone and she will finish it in less time.

>> No.16240  


Just to clarify exactly why, KOS-MOS has:

  • Physical and electric dmg which is good on most enemies
  • Self defense buff
  • Self attack buff
  • Self heal that also removes stun gauge and it can be cast on enemy turn immediately before each turn you get attacked.
  • Second strongest super in the game
  • After lvl 30 or so, she regains MP for dmg dealt which ensures you have full MP by the end of every turn to fuel the above abilities infinitely.

Every time you get attacked by an enemy, your next turn comes up faster too. That plus avoiding turns with weak characters is why she can clear the level faster alone than if you send out 30 characters.

File: 1325838867283.jpg -(59.34 kB, 274x295)
60764 No.16191   [Reply]


Just wanted to let everyone know: They release the full version.

Replace the * with blogspot

For some reason, the board is telling me the link is spam.

>> No.16192  
File: 1325851102393.jpg -(64.37 kB, 512x512)


>> No.16218  
File: 1327174774537.jpg -(463.03 kB, 1920x1080)
>> No.16238  

Best VN.

File: 1327438854136.jpg -(44.33 kB, 638x357)
45396 No.16221   [Reply]

I can't be the only person who played El Shaddai.

>> No.16222  

I played the demo, might pick it up cheap someday. But my stack of unplayed games is big enuff already.

>> No.16223  

>>16221 Sorry.

I will though, I will.

>> No.16225  

I believe it's already only $20 new even at Gamestoop.
Some people complain about the combat being obtrusive, but it's just about timing, really. Every other part of the game is fantastic, in my opinion.

>> No.16236  

>>16225 Yeah, I found a few copies on Amazon for about 15 bucks. Will buy soon.

File: 1327595147541.jpg -(178.87 kB, 1200x815)
183158 No.16228   [Reply]

Was hoping for some people to help with some research im doing into trying to figure out what makes a video game "fun". simple questionnaire is all, no names so completely anonymous, thanks alot everyone! Below is a few different ways to access it.

link directly to the site its on:


questionnaire is in a new window:

<p id="take-survey" style="display:none;"><a href="http://kwiksurveys.com">here</a></p>Take our <a href="http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=OBIKJI_f2ba391e" target="_blank">Online Survey</a>

Secure https:


>> No.16229  

forgot to put this on the OP but will happily send full results if you leave an e-mail address

>> No.16232  

Instead of answering some silly survey, I'll give you my answer straight here.

What makes movies enjoyable? Or books? What makes sports enjoyable? Theatre? Music? Board games? Find the answer to that and you have your answer.

Video games are a media of entertainment just like that. There's a variety of different genres , each of which can appeal to any players tastes. Just like in movies and books. The only real difference is it's an interactive experience where the player determines what happens and in some cases, even how it ends.

Just like some people may enjoy action films but dislike horrors, some people may like RPGs but dislike fighters. And even in that pool there are some that are good or bad, or some that one likes or dislikes. Other than the interactivity, it's mostly the same.

Also, nowadays, games come with an online function which allows you to communicate and play with players around the world. Some time ago, I actually played against someone from Japan on BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger.

Games today also come with achievements and trophies, further challenging the player and with the same online feature, you can compare your achievements to those of others who may have the same game.

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