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File: 1315741012451.jpg -(201.52 kB, 577x500)
206355 No.15955   [Reply]
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>> No.15959  

Yeah, that would be the "portable" part in that very long name.

>> No.15960  

…and "tsuzuku" means continuation.

>> No.15971  

>>15959 You expected him to read all that?

>>15960 And we should know that because?

>> No.15972  

You should know that because I told you.

>> No.15973  

>>15972 I see what you did there.

>> No.15974  
File: 1316226929675.jpg -(33.10 kB, 600x337)

You were meant to, it's not like I'm trying to be subtle here.

>> No.15975  

>>15974 W-well! It's not like I think you're c-clever, or anything!

>> No.15977  

Still waiting for BLACKROCKSHOOTA

>> No.15978  

>>15977 It will come, don't worry.

Or, you could import it from teh nippon.

>> No.16888  
File: 1373782807998.jpg -(29.12 kB, 200x206)


File: 1344924759906.jpg -(461.15 kB, 928x1200)
472214 No.16670   [Reply]
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>> No.16703  


>dialog choices
>dialog choices
>dialog choices

guess you never played any growlanser did you? Can you make some point of showing you have actual experience with the subject at hand next time, panasian spamguy. A shame /womenz/ is closed, you could waste your late night energies in there instead.

>> No.16704  
File: 1346147684211.jpg -(91.53 kB, 800x600)

women talk, men act

>> No.16705  

Why can't I do both?

>> No.16706  

That would make you a hermaphrodite.

>> No.16707  

Are you suggesting there's something wrong with being a futa?

>> No.16708  

Just stating the facts.

>> No.16713  

Oh hey look, another pro-skub/anti-skub argument, glad I decided to come back to iichan.

I'd debate the shit out of both of you assclowns but I legitimately don't care anymore.

>> No.16838  

Game bullshit I didnt like it! I can only hope better. It is for me crap made retarded. Couldnt make like in Crusis! Both grafics and control! Bad game!!!

>> No.16840  

just to be clear, you do know that the team is still together in atlus and making devil survivor?
and this too, and it really wasn't that bad outside of dulkheim

>> No.16887  
File: 1373782268421.jpg -(86.16 kB, 600x360)

Persona is an RPG?
Thought it was a fighting game...

File: 1344888943518.jpg -(115.77 kB, 1920x1080)
118551 No.16669   [Reply]
>> No.16676  
File: 1344982703519.jpg -(224.94 kB, 858x1211)
>> No.16678  
File: 1344995118063.jpg -(292.04 kB, 1196x1811)
>> No.16679  

Opinions: The threadenning.

Get out.

>> No.16701  


>> No.16714  

>>16679 I thought it was fairly accurate, but likely not for the reasons he thinks it is.

File: 1372222856345.png -(5.57 kB, 277x214)
5704 No.16878   [Reply]

Don't believe Sony or Microsoft telling you their consoles don't have DRM, because as long as they use the cloud, DRM is mandatory.

>> No.16879  

I fart clouds not play games on them.

File: 1369667355453.jpg -(77.20 kB, 1270x441)
79050 No.16868   [Reply]

Is it true the PS4 is getting DRM?

>> No.16869  

It's Blu-ray, of course it has DRM.

>> No.16874  

It seems like Sony will leave it to the publishers.

Do you remember how it seemed like Sony was talking big about not allowing second hand games and all that and then M$ followed and came up with the "online every 24 hours", "kinect always on", "friend waiting list" and decided to make everything digital and would no longer make physical copies and all that?

Then Sony changed his mind and decided not to move on with it and left M$ alone with the dystopic measures and the angry customers.

>> No.16875  


> decided to make everything digital

As apposed to what, buying analog games pressed on vinyl?

File: 1369418174487.png -(342.24 kB, 616x353)
350451 No.16867   [Reply]

Greetings. Just popping into announce that our game is now live on Steam! Go buy! it's 10% off!
Music based racing platformer with drop in arcade style gameplay.
Analyzes your music in real time to adjust hazards in stage. Even change tracks on the fly!
Cross platform multi-player. PC Vs. Mac. Vs. Ouya Vs. Android can all play together!

File: 1369368234305.jpg -(36.13 kB, 480x600)
36995 No.16866   [Reply]

I guess now is as good of time as any to learn RNG manipulating. Deoxys event ends in a week or so. Probably the last time to get one for the next 5 years.

File: 1366037144264.jpg -(282.26 kB, 1360x768)
289030 No.16847   [Reply]

Most demanding video games for PC?

I built a pretty budget-y gaming rig last December (Intel g860, AMD 7750, 8GB of RAM, 520W PSU, Cooler Master mITX case and ASUS MOBO, cheap montior... $700 USD) and it performs like heaven with a 20inch/1360x768 display.

It maxes out every game I have including Metro 2033 w/DX11 (60FPS average), which is the most visually stunning game I've ever played (haven't tried either Crysis), so I'm pretty impressed with what my little guy can do.

Anyway, what are the most demanding vidya gaems in your opinion? I want to put my PC on heavy situations. Pic related, one of the pictures I've taken.

>> No.16848  
File: 1366054444022.jpg -(237.23 kB, 1360x768)

Holy shit niggers this board is slow as hell.

>> No.16849  
File: 1366054467382.jpg -(179.58 kB, 1360x768)
>> No.16850  
File: 1366054534225.jpg -(204.54 kB, 1360x768)

If you're still a consolefag pls kill yourself

>> No.16851  
File: 1366054622534.jpg -(246.81 kB, 1360x768)

Is this board even active anymore?

>> No.16862  

Holy shit my thread is still alive

>> No.16863  

Patience is a virtue few value as much as they used to.

>> No.16864  

And you thought latino chans were slow.

>> No.16865  

No, I didn't.

File: 1368399378954.jpg -(250.73 kB, 576x720)
256751 No.16861   [Reply]

Any of you lovely people play TERA still?

File: 1368079178923.png -(742.83 kB, 608x960)
760663 No.16860   [Reply]


seriously though check this shit out

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