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File: 1399389150902.png -(306.22 kB, 500x375)
313567 No.16960   [Reply]

Defy your overlords, say NO to Steam.

>> No.16961  

sure thing as soon as you can get me DRM free ARMA II for $2.99

>> No.16962  

Since when are Steam my overlords?

File: 1397692269379.jpg -(9.57 kB, 287x176)
9800 No.16957   [Reply]


File: 1380416687678.png -(25.43 kB, 320x200)
26037 No.16911   [Reply]

Soviet 3D shooters from the 90s that use sprites for weapons and/or monsters? I can't seem to find any aside from Dungeons of Kremlin.

>> No.16912  

And not Смута (Distemper).

>> No.16934  

Still haven't found any others.

>> No.16951  

Old Gold 3D

>> No.16955  


File: 1303343519796.jpg -(41.78 kB, 650x433)
42782 No.15665   [Reply]

Anyone have the link to that minecraft free account site?

>> No.15666  


learn2google motherfucker

>> No.15667  



>> No.15668  

Here's a hint Mr. Spammer, allow a longer time between replies on slow boards.

>> No.16950  
File: 1393394273110.png -(944.40 kB, 1680x1050)

[14:23:28] [CHAT] Rapid_Fire_7 joined the game.
[14:23:28] [CHAT] Welcome Rapid_Fire_7 to Erebus MC!
[14:23:34] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Hey.
[14:23:44] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Suck my dick.
[14:23:46] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Fuck you.
[14:23:50] [CHAT] [V] hunter128910 > WOW.
[14:23:50] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Bitches.
[14:24:05] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Go to hell mutherfuckers.
[14:24:14] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Suck a dick.
[14:24:20] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Bitches.
[14:24:24] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Fuck you all.
[14:24:33] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Matthew your a fag.
[14:24:42] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Piece of shit.
[14:24:54] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Shut the fuck up tard.
[14:25:24] [CHAT] [V] Rapid_Fire_7 > Back.

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File: 1302837867222.jpg -(78.23 kB, 647x800)
80112 No.15646   [Reply]

We had some extra time on our hands and made the craziest latex portal fan art ever. Enjoy!

>> No.15647  
File: 1302837887024.jpg -(83.12 kB, 800x662)
>> No.15648  
File: 1302837906930.jpg -(66.84 kB, 594x800)
>> No.15649  
File: 1302837921040.jpg -(66.02 kB, 593x800)
>> No.15653  

Speaking of Portal 2.

>> No.15654  

Moving swiftly on.

>> No.15663  

You guys know of iichan!?


>> No.15679  
File: 1303914891563.jpg -(242.08 kB, 1600x900)

Hell yeah

>> No.16949  
File: 1393394206669.jpg -(53.34 kB, 650x378)

from the upcoming film starring Zoe Deschanel.

hah. no.

File: 1384225558874.jpg -(358.97 kB, 900x1400)
367585 No.16930   [Reply]
>> No.16931  

And yet I still haven't played the first one.

>> No.16944  
File: 1390987921792.jpg -(90.83 kB, 521x720)
>implying better than monster hunter

she's a cutie though

>> No.16946  
File: 1391965841337.jpg -(426.96 kB, 800x600)

I never did, but Toukiden is.

File: 1384826083374.jpg -(116.73 kB, 1280x800)
119530 No.16932   [Reply]

So I recently finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It was fucking fantastic. It's one of the best survival horror games I've ever playing and made me nervous and jittery all throughout playing it. I love the monster design and how fucked you are if one sees you. I love the atmosphere that made me feel like I was gonna get my head chewed off at any moment. I love how lovecraftian the story is. It was fucking great.

And now, I'd like to share with you a story.

>> No.16933  
File: 1384826460087.jpg -(47.85 kB, 900x640)

When this guy here first showed up in the game, there's a part where you have to throw a rock and distract him. When I came upon it, I saw it clearly, looking away from me down a hall, but my sanity wasn't draining and there wasn't even that blur effect. I thought that was weird, and thought "maybe it isn't a monster". I walked up to it, and then finally, when I got right next to it, it turned around and killed me with Rena Ryugu's weapon that he attached to his arm.

I'm not sure why nothing happened when I looked at it, maybe because I was supposed to carefully aim the rock at it and if I go crazy that'll be hard to do.

When I respawned, I went down the path again and he came chasing after me for some reason and I died again.

I respawned, and this time he wasn't there at all. So I went to a point where I needed to run from him, normally after sneaking by, but screwed up and got killed again(I panicked).

This time, he wasn't there at all and I made it to the exit without incident.

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>> No.16943  

turn around

>> No.16945  

every now and then I get a little bit lonely

File: 1388575159551.jpg -(44.09 kB, 700x503)
45150 No.16939   [Reply]

What is the hardest game you've ever played?
For me it's Jet Set Willy.

>> No.16940  
File: 1388671945048.png -(430.04 kB, 1063x800)

I'll go with Slash'em, but I pumped a ton of quarters into this thing when I was younger.

>> No.16941  
File: 1390182120973.png -(249.35 kB, 200x300)

Baroque Shooting, a game based on that rogue-like Baroque. It was so hard I died less than a second after starting the game.

File: 1385881915571.png -(566.75 kB, 800x600)
580355 No.16935   [Reply]


Hell Rising is a post-apocalyptic browser-based MMORPG inspired by Urban Dead. The game is set within a quarantined city of which the inhabitants have been mutated by a special type of fungal infection. You can play as either a human, zombie, or a unique infected type known as a vampire. You may choose to attempt survival as a human, or hunt those that do as one of the undead, but death only means you continue your existence as a different kind of monstrosity.

A set of work-in-progress beginner's guidelines can be found here:
And maps of the quarantine zone can be found here:

File: 1383059743814.jpg -(14.56 kB, 262x174)
14906 No.16926   [Reply]

Nintendo is in hot water, but Sony and Microsoft are in boiling hot water. PS4 and Xbox One both have DRM planned for 2014, and, coupled with paying-to-play online, terrible online services (Xbox One was designed with ads in mind, PS4′s infrastructure was crippled by its overhaul), and short console lifespans (they both RROD, and for PS4 it’s called “red line of death”) – in comparison to Nintendo’s free-to-play online, good online services (with updates forthcoming), and long console lifespan – neither console is looking too good to gamers; especially when Sony and Microsoft compare their consoles to the PC, as if PC won’t surpass the consoles come 2014 due to new hardware every month. Meanwhile, SmartGlass is broken, the Vita is dead (which makes Vita TV useless, and more useless since it can’t play games that require touchscreen), and Nintendo is swimming in cash because of the 3DS, and – soon to follow – Wii U and 2DS. Wii U might not be selling like hotcakes just yet, but wait until Smash Bros. and Mario World 3D and the HD remakes of classic Nintendo games come out, people will be buying it in droves. But just in case they don’t, Nintendo can fall back on the 3DS and 2DS – something which Sony and Microsoft can’t do; and, to top it off, Sony has junk status and one of Microsoft’s board of directors wants the Xbox brand sold.

>> No.16927  
>soon to follow – Wii U

Ah, yep, this is a copy pasta.

>> No.16928  
File: 1383265266915.jpg -(23.63 kB, 227x227)

Vita's getting some great games now. Of course it helps if you don't need to wait for translations.

>> No.16929  
File: 1383909824668.jpg -(101.97 kB, 610x366)
> good online services (with updates forthcoming)

We're talking about the same company that just canceled without advance warning the one no-strings-attached method there was to communicate with your friends on the 3DS, right?

But hey, it might stop a child predator or two. I'm sure you find that commendable as well.

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