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File: 1207243872419.jpg -(219.68 kB, 754x1200)
224956 No.2599   [Reply]

He Is My Master/Diebuster

File: 1204039613065.jpg -(215.34 kB, 429x1056)
220511 No.2382   [Reply]
>> No.2582  

"Gee Yotsuba, what'd'ya wanna do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every time my dad has that man over Kagura-san...try to steal Yanda's ice cream!"

>> No.2597  


>"Gee Yotsuba, what'd'ya wanna do tonight?"
>"The same thing we do every night...try to steal Yanda's ice cream!"


File: 1206856544976.jpg -(241.66 kB, 1280x960)
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File: 1199771019933.jpg -(146.56 kB, 800x600)
150078 No.2168   [Reply]

I am the bone of my Ring
Steel is my body, Light is my Blood
I have Created over A thousand blades
Unknown to Day
Nor know to Night
I have withstood Evils might To create Many Weapons
Yet those powes will hold nothing
So as I pray, beware my power Unlimited Green lantern Blades.

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>> No.2233  
File: 1201557180305.jpg -(240.87 kB, 575x955)
>> No.2261  

>>2209 It should be "Green Lantern Corps", not "Corp".
And the first line should be: "All sentient beings are for whom I fight."

>> No.2265  
File: 1202230040235.jpg -(118.44 kB, 600x750)


>> No.2543  
File: 1206111583463.jpg -(94.15 kB, 750x600)

This actually happened.

>> No.2544  
File: 1206111728627.jpg -(410.57 kB, 1196x1603)

The Green Lantern /co/rps, this is a collection of characters from various verses recognized by their will power and courage. As done by The Old /co/ldier.

>> No.2545  
File: 1206111776239.png -(327.86 kB, 598x598)

And of course, there's this.

>> No.2546  


american comics need to stop 'borrowing'

or at least do it with some humor added.

>> No.2557  
File: 1206443464554.png -(3.82 kB, 532x374)

hay guys, I brought some yellow

>> No.2559  
File: 1206520313826.jpg -(223.41 kB, 352x433)



>> No.2584  

>>2209 >>2265
Lol i love those.. any more like that?

File: 1200364943897.jpg -(85.84 kB, 649x652)
87902 No.2190   [Reply]

Is there any reason for this particular crossover? Any connection between Hatsune Miku and Sagara Sanosuke (and/or their voice actors)?

>> No.2191  

i'm guessing that this is just a completely random image

>> No.2195  

Well, the English dub of Kenshin has become a meme on the Japanese boards:


>> No.2196  
File: 1200583702374.jpg -(33.19 kB, 512x289)


OP here. Thanks, this seems like the most likely explanation since so many of these are music videos of Sano dubs "singing."

>> No.2200  

Miku beats down Sano in 3-D CG too.


>> No.2564  

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File: 1206647317291.jpg -(118.65 kB, 800x689)
121495 No.2563   [Reply]

kinda related

File: 1206647136534.jpg -(56.25 kB, 550x406)
57598 No.2562   [Reply]

no more said

File: 1173338142904.jpg -(87.64 kB, 633x864)
89745 No.851   [Reply]

How could we have a crossover section, without... THIS!!!

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>> No.947  
File: 1175144309046.jpg -(150.00 kB, 480x340)


>> No.961  

I still think that's a hoax

>> No.963  

Protip: Life is actually a hoax. You don't exist.

Also, As much as I remember the Mario and Sonic days of yore, now, it's pointless.

The victor is already clear. Mario is still fighting strong with good platformers at least once a system (because releasing one every year might make it go a little too stale... Like certain franchises...) and in a montage of spin-off games that are always fun party games.

Sonic... Not so lucky. After Sonic and Knuckles, it was all downhill (okay, Sonic Rush was an anomaly).

>> No.965  

And let's not forget about the tones of these series:

The Mario games are usually happy and nonsensical. All the games to date (though I'm not sure about SMRPG) share this kind of lighthearted mood.

As for the Sonic games, they were simple in the beginning but as the series progressed it became darker and moar angsty in comparison to Mario.

But of course these are just my opinions.

>> No.1957  

haha dumbasss

>> No.1961  


already confirmed that Sonic's in Brawl

>> No.1975  

Did you play Super Mario Sunshine? O_o

>> No.2513  


yes, and it's a great game.

>> No.2514  


yes, and it was good.

>> No.2561  
File: 1206616896763.jpg -(107.95 kB, 528x833)

mai original charter
no stealin!!!

File: 1206449413154.jpg -(42.10 kB, 500x414)
43108 No.2558   [Reply]

See you, Gundam Cowboy

File: 1206073986090.jpg -(281.35 kB, 2000x1600)
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