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File: 1195031434607.png -(4.76 kB, 350x250)
4873 No.1902   [Reply]
>> No.2344  

Now we need Armstrong as Freddie.

File: 1176259669685.jpg -(121.91 kB, 521x507)
124838 No.1020   [Reply]

Jotaronald & Grimace Platinum.

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File: 1189725427514.png -(2.11 kB, 96x96)
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File: 1189795689331.gif -(57.33 kB, 633x529)

Watch out, they've got mobile suits!

>> No.1574  
File: 1189803675974.jpg -(197.40 kB, 1024x768)

Watch out! they have a whole Space Marine Chapter!!

>> No.2288  

>>1574 The fallen shall be forever remembered as McDonalds finest

File: 1202460167838.jpg -(537.18 kB, 735x1024)
550070 No.2284   [Reply]

it's a doujin manga.
my friend make it.

>> No.2285  
File: 1202460352115.jpg -(539.88 kB, 743x1024)

i helped him.

File: 1186353390375.jpg -(220.00 kB, 700x705)
225280 No.1450   [Reply]

lets get redy to rumble

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>> No.1463  

Green lantern is no longer vulnerable to the color yellow

Aquaman's body can take tremendous amounts of pressure which makes him virtually involnerable and he has super strngth so he doesn't need flashes assitance

Flash can move past the speed of light which gives him near complete control of time + the fact that he can separate things at the molecular level with his vibrating abilities, which means that Iron man is kaput

Martian manhunter can phase through most matter and can communicat telepathically with people which means he could change the hulk back into the DR. banner telepahically. making the hulk useless. and fire doesn't scare him anymore

Black canary should get out from this battle she's way out of her leauge

>> No.1464  
File: 1186631538461.jpg -(237.35 kB, 796x794)

Chick fight

>> No.1465  


That's true later on, but accoridng to THAT Picture. This is before Lantern being free from that hinderance, before Manhunter lost his fear of fire, before Aquaman stopped sucking (Ha!) and before Flash hit Speed Force levels.

Now if we want to go into Present Day and Current Levels.

Hulk is the angriest he's ever been essentially making him close to a Demi-God, if not that he's got enough strength to PREVENT A PLANET FROM BEING SPLIT IN TWO.
Ironman's suit is insanely powerful (Oh and let's not forget, he's got the Reality Gem to fall back on)
Thor is... uh... What the hell happened to Thor anyway? I lost track of him.

Now if a fight HAD to continue with the updated statistics, Everyone would set aside their differances and fight the Hulk. Good reference... well, take a look at World War Hulk.

>> No.1468  

>>1465 even if this is before flash got the speed force he could still just turn everyone into much if he wanted to. and while aquamans ability to speak with fish does suck the fact that he can take having thousands of tons of pressure pers quare inch means and move freely within it,that mean the hul will have his hands full with him.

Green lanter ins insanley poweful as well and considering that this is the risk taking reckless Green lantern hal Jordan. who was trained by sinestro on of the most powerful green lanterns ever. Green lanter could jus encircle the hulk and fling him into space

Martian manhunter can phase thru matter so thor better call upon his status as a god if he wants to stand a chance against martian manhunter.

personally I don't see why they would be fighting and Professor x vs Martian would be far mor interesting.

>> No.1471  

Pants made of GOES FAST.

>> No.1476  
File: 1187116044428.jpg -(216.79 kB, 699x964)

villains turn

>> No.1526  

Any fight between two seperate universes' superpowers will have 1 winner.

Me. As I laugh out in mirth at all the pathetic rationalizations and posturing of their respective fat, greasy fanbois.

>> No.1536  

Round 1: Martian Manhunter mindfucks everyone.
End of fight.

>> No.1817  

Fail because and dc comics suck GFTO go back to 4chan or cbr or some shit.

>> No.2283  



File: 1163692665814.png -(148.44 kB, 500x705)
151999 No.457   [Reply]
>> No.458  

whoops. Meant to go in the haruhi thread.

>> No.2269  

oh wow

File: 1183212197027.jpg -(85.82 kB, 583x500)
87878 No.1380   [Reply]

Anything and Starcraft

>> No.1381  
File: 1183212225079.jpg -(85.40 kB, 583x500)
>> No.1382  
File: 1183212264241.png -(293.15 kB, 640x480)
>> No.2099  


>> No.2206  

needs more zerg

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>> No.2253  
File: 1201893006592.png -(26.56 kB, 400x400)

No.2248   [Reply]

The death note of Haruhi Suzumiya


File: 1156688533549.jpg -(72.42 kB, 505x686)
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>> No.1639  
File: 1191654920747.jpg -(25.41 kB, 340x464)
>> No.1640  


finally, some truth in advertising.

>> No.1864  

he speaks truth!! lolz

>> No.2170  
File: 1199774255752.jpg -(163.11 kB, 510x670)
>> No.2173  
File: 1199856383157.jpg -(75.39 kB, 500x668)


>> No.2185  
File: 1200082499598.jpg -(49.99 kB, 599x800)
>> No.2188  
File: 1200255150034.gif -(109.11 kB, 599x800)
>> No.2217  
File: 1201162306296.jpg -(62.67 kB, 500x574)

Technically these aren't crossovers

>> No.2241  
File: 1201658678340.jpg -(138.33 kB, 591x222)
>> No.2246  
File: 1201680645997.jpg -(53.86 kB, 1024x835)

File: 1201605750741.jpg -(754.21 kB, 634x952)
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File: 1201371887374.jpg -(96.14 kB, 500x375)
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File: 1201422196394.jpg -(269.67 kB, 850x1200)
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File: 1201424379524.jpg -(83.13 kB, 370x500)

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