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File: 1177257803829.jpg -(61.34 kB, 366x600)
62812 No.1100   [Reply]

A thread is badly needed to post all the spoofs and parodies of Sailor Moon and crew.
Anyone, anything, any-crossover, free reign.

"Sailor Hellsing" is a good example.

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>> No.1930  
File: 1195354948667.jpg -(127.85 kB, 653x960)

More sailor goddesses...

>> No.1954  


i love this one

>> No.1955  


pochohantes is the best

who the hell is sailor uranus?

>> No.1956  

Uranus should have been Cinderella dammit.

>> No.2016  

Uranus looks like Esmerelda from Hunchback to me.

>> No.2018  


No, that's Neptune.

>> No.2189  

am I the only one who ever thought up Sailor Mink? (from Dragon Half)

>> No.2198  
File: 1200605653357.jpg -(55.21 kB, 401x452)

Probably, but I did consider Sailor Minke (whale).


Crossover with, of all things, Ai "Aibon" Kago from Morning Musume.

>> No.2199  
File: 1200606200967.jpg -(116.92 kB, 379x600)

Sergei Dragunov from Tekken.

>> No.2215  

I found the original source on this one, and who was dressed up as who was listed.

From left to right: Pocahontas as Sailor Pluto, Mulan as Sailor Mercury, Belle as Sailor Jupiter, Esmeralda as Sailor Neptune, Madellaine (HoND II) as Sailor Uranus, Aurora as Sailor Venus, Melody as Sailor Chibi Moon, Ariel as Sailor Moon and Jasmine as Sailor Mars.

File: 1200767917134.jpg -(142.28 kB, 1152x800)
145699 No.2205   [Reply]

File: 1199858060307.jpg -(78.78 kB, 327x520)
80674 No.2174   [Reply]


>> No.2175  
File: 1199858118258.png -(33.45 kB, 450x600)


>> No.2178  

Stop making threads on topics that already excist, please

File: 1197208781271.jpg -(31.94 kB, 306x242)
32706 No.1996   [Reply]
>> No.2098  

Gotta catch all those Clow Cards (while Tomoyo tapes you).



>> No.2119  

Ha, the two series that back when I was 11-12, thought were the shit.

>> No.2121  

You may have intended only a moment of mindless crack...
But somewhere, a fanfic is being written.
Be afraid.

>> No.2143  

it can't be worse then the GaryXAsh fanfics

>> No.2153  

Oh no?

File: 1156062884017.jpg -(675.99 kB, 1002x800)
692209 No.96   [Reply]
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>> No.2041  
File: 1197691409391.gif -(485.01 kB, 207x159)


>> No.2057  


I LOL'ed

>> No.2101  
File: 1198474210720.jpg -(160.83 kB, 1600x1218)

ED, Edd, and Eddie

>> No.2105  

ok just what the heck is that an unholy fusion between lucky star and wildC.A.T's

>> No.2141  

i smell heresey...

>> No.2142  


it took me awhile to see it then I shat bricks

>> No.2144  
File: 1199411658286.jpg -(164.16 kB, 550x778)

If SRW is to include Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, then I'll cry manly hotblooded tears.

Giga Drill! SPIN ON!

>> No.2147  

what's that robot?

>> No.2149  

isn't Battle Fantasia a doujin game?

anyway since SRW eventually included Eva there's a chance they'll also strike a deal with Gainax for GL

>> No.2151  


ED-209 from Robocop

File: 1198968760754.jpg -(288.96 kB, 1022x1033)
295898 No.2124   [Reply]

File: 1198649218242.jpg -(56.90 kB, 600x416)
58264 No.2110   [Reply]

Found on DA

Resident Evil x Secret of NIMH

>> No.2111  

Talk about the National Institue of Mental Health.

And the fact that I read the book AND wathced the movie, though that pic reminds me more of I am legend.

Well, good luck Frisby.

>> No.2112  

Somewhat true yet second-hand story.

NIMH lodged a rather heated protest against the XFL over the logo of the Memphis Maniaxx, saying it was degrading to those who suffered mental illnesses. In retaliation, an independent contest was run to think of a new name and logo.

The winner? The Brisby-Fuckers. You can probably guess what the logo looked like.

>> No.2113  

This really takes me back...

File: 1177689984989.jpg -(71.63 kB, 612x900)
73349 No.1143   [Reply]
>> No.1177  

Is this a doujin?

if so, do want!

>> No.1244  
File: 1179312605204.jpg -(102.64 kB, 713x1009)
>> No.2108  

MOAR please

File: 1197702317570.png -(18.70 kB, 300x400)
19146 No.2044   [Reply]

Hay guise does this count as crossover?

>> No.2053  
File: 1197747439989.jpg -(57.26 kB, 640x480)


Kaiji thread.

>> No.2054  
File: 1197747477325.jpg -(112.29 kB, 550x458)
>> No.2055  
File: 1197747497058.jpg -(79.51 kB, 635x400)
>> No.2056  
File: 1197747539457.jpg -(59.69 kB, 601x550)
>> No.2058  
File: 1197752057575.gif -(73.47 kB, 567x455)
>> No.2059  
File: 1197752109663.jpg -(85.28 kB, 685x430)
>> No.2097  

Why does Kaiji have a letter opener for a nose?

>> No.2104  
File: 1198536433322.gif -(25.20 kB, 360x216)


>Why is he so moe


File: 1191921805831.jpg -(54.99 kB, 640x480)
56305 No.1649   [Reply]


Bokura No x School Days x Nice Boat

>> No.2076  
File: 1198187041061.jpg -(23.27 kB, 354x333)

THIS is a nice boat.

>> No.2079  


that is freaking awesome

>> No.2084  

Needs some rocket boosters there.

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